Concern for Others                                    


1. TSW demonstrate tolerance for those of other nationalities, races, religions, cultures, ages, and mental and physical abilities by

a) being a person who does not make disparaging remarks concerning those different from themselves.

b) joining in group activities with those different from themselves.

c) having friendly associations with those different from themselves.

2. TSW demonstrate acceptance of others, particularly newcomers, by

a) including them in informal social groups.

b) being a person who does not actively exclude individuals from group activities.

c) approaching newcomers with a view to making them feel welcome.

3. TSW demonstrate concern for others by

a) avoiding actions or words which hurt another person.

b) actions and/or words of support and/or sympathy for those who are unhappy or sad.

c) helping others to be successful in their schoolwork, activities, and play.

d) displaying unselfish behavior.