The Intensive English program is for students at QSI ASTANA who are in need of special English language assistance and for whom English is not a first language. The main goal of Intensive English is to bring students as rapidly as possible to a level of academic English, including oral competency, which allows them to transfer to regular classes. Students are assigned to levels that best meet their needs.

Placement in the Intensive English Program

Students with limited English proficiency will be tested and placed appropriately into the Intensive English Program.

1.     Students in the 6 through 13 year-old classes whose English skills are below grade level may be admitted to the Intensive English Program. Tests administered by the Intensive English Coordinator or other school personnel will determine placement.

2.      Students at the Secondary One or older program (secondary school) who apply for admission to the school are expected to have a proficiency level in English which allows them to perform satisfactorily in regular classes. If a student lacks English fluency, a one or two year delay in graduation from secondary school may be necessary as competency in the English language is obtained. This decision will be discussed with the parents during February/March of each year.

3.     Students in the Intensive English Program work on the same unit statements as those students in mainstream English classes whenever possible