by Aigerim Sadvokassova

Astana has been a capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan since December 10th, 1997. It is one of the most beautiful cities in this country. There are a lot of sights which have been visited by travelers all around the world. This city is very international and every person can find something special for himself and his family. It is said Astana is the coldest city in Kazakhstan, however, it is not a reason to stay at home all winter. Groups of people go outside of the city and explore the steppe. It is extremely beautiful out there especially in the middle of winter. Astana air is dry, therefore, you will never feel fresher than when it is -40 outside. Just imagine: a January morning, pure snow is covered by first sun shines, an extremely blue sky, and the creaking snow under your boots.

Every season is unique in Astana. From ominous but amazing winter, you will have a chance to experience the warm but short spring. On a morning in April you will look outside your window and be amazed at seeing blooming trees, green grass and joyful birds. The whole country celebrates Nauryz (New Year).  Different organizations and companies set up their yurts (nomadic house) in the Main Square. People could go from one door to another and enjoy Kazakh treats.

Summer is hot here. Astana people try to take their vacation and leave the city. However, if you decide to stay in Astana in July, you will definitely take advantage of interesting events. Astana Day is on July 6th. Annually the City Department tries to celebrate it very colorfully and unforgettably. A lot of famous people have joined this celebration, such as Luciano Pavarotti, Mylene Farmer, Ne-Yo, Nicole Scherzinger, and more.

When people talk about a golden autumn, they talk about Astana fall because the trees turn golden yellow. Nature enjoys its last warm days before winter. Spider webs fly blow all around Astana. Children go to school. Harvest is collected. Time to think about cold but beautiful winter.

There is no bad weather. You can find something magic and unbelievably amazing in every corner of Astana!