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Giving Back

Whether it’s by collecting trash, planting trees, organizing food drives, or joining the global dance for kindness, QSI schools find a way to give back to their communities and spread love.

The TIS community came together to run a sponsored group marathon, attempting to cover the 1,044 miles from Tirana to Kyiv and raise money to support the Ukrainians as well. Together they ran nearly to Belarus (past Kyiv!)! and raised $18,600 USD that was donated to the Ukrainian Red Cross! 

The generous giving from QSI Skopje families PACKED an entire vehicle with warm clothing and games for the Afghan Refugees in North Macedonia! #ConcernForOthers

woman helps portion out food for people affected by flood

Following the Tropical Cyclone Seroja, which triggered devastating flash floods and landslides across Timor-Leste over Easter weekend, QSI Dili staff steps in to help! Outside of their heavy teaching load and classroom responsibilities, QSI staff, during recess, lunch, and on weekends make food to distribute to those in need. Concern for Others has caught on as we try to do whatever we can for the community. Very proud of QSI Dili staff for their compassion and dedication.

To add to the momentum in aid, the global QSI community quickly banded together and raised over $11,000 to further sustain the efforts in Timor Leste and the QSI Dili community.  Thank you for being a big part in the rebuild process of this very special country. 

Food Donations

Thank you to the Tirana International School community for showing concern for others this holiday season! The donations were picked up by the @albanianfoodbank and were used to support people in need.

Community Cleanup

QSI Belize students organized a school-wide clean up activity. This meaningful community service activity gave the QSI Belize students the opportunity to
demonstrate civic responsibility and aesthetic appreciation, while strengthening their ties to the local community. 

Packs for People

11-year-old students at QSI Tbilisi joined the Packs for People initiative. They collected donations from the school community and filled the packs with toothbrushes, canned food, backpacks, and other necessities for local less-fortunate people.


The QSI Montenegro secondary students, under guidance of our Environmental Committee, planted 200 native trees in Zlatica forest park. 

This event was a partnership between QSI, Zelenilo (municipality group who organizes greenspaces) and the Montenegro Ministry of Agriculture (Forestry Dept). A big thank you to QSI’s Marina Novakovic and all of the work that went into this excellent project which increased the beauty of Podgorica and added one piece to fighting global climate change.

Operation Backpack

The QSI Benin School community come together to fill 130 backpacks for needy school children. 

Dance for Kindness

QSI Haiphong participated in the global Dance for Kindness Flashmob, celebration the World Kindness Day. 

Sponsor a Child

Tirana International School partnered with two local NGOs to help sponsor 293 Albanian children living in poverty. These children's gift boxes were filled with necessities, treats and love.


Over the last 4 years QSI Phuket has maintained their efforts to keep Phuket clean. Every year the entire school joins in to clean up Phuket's Kata beach.


It’s true what they say, it is better to give than to receive.
225 TET boxes
70 bags of rice
70 boxes of milk

QSI Haiphong comes together as a community to fill hundreds of shoe boxes to be hand delivered to the elderly and impoverished children in northern Vietnam. For this project, they also partnered with QSI Zhuhai as the students in China sent money to purchase all the rice and milk. 

Stacks of books in buckets

QSI Münster Middle School Students raised funds during their literacy week by selling and buying used books and donated the money to planting trees. 

Dog _shelter donations

As part of the ten-year-old's responsibility for the daily monthly announcements in February the students in QSI Sarajevo decided to use the chance to promote some Kindness and Concern for Others by holding a Share the Love Drive to support a local migrant shelter and dog shelter.  The students collected laundry soaps and hygienic supplies for the migrant shelter and dog treats and food for the dog shelter.  The students were inspired to have the chance to give back and to help promote a little love to the community for the month of February.


The National Honor Society Students at Almaty International School delivered over 1000 donations to Seven Trees to support their annual Women's Day gift drive - the donations of everyday items like deodorant, shampoo and soap go to over 600 women across the wider Almaty area, many from low income or single-parent families. 
The contributions of AIS made a huge impact on their efforts, and our students received a great amount of thanks from Seven Trees for their work. #GoSnowLeopards