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The Panther Pause


Volume 5, Issue 4
October 12, 2018                                                                                                                   
A chance to stop for a moment and recognize all of the
outstanding accomplishments around us!
Message from Director 
Leaders take all forms. Some people are born with leadership skills, others develop them through hard work and sense of purpose. Student leaders are those who choose to put themselves forward, even though it is scary, to promote things they are passionate about.  There are many opportunities for student leaders at QSIT and I wanted to share some of the things they are doing.

National Honor Society had their induction ceremony at an assembly this year and new members who have the following characteristics joined. They must have a GPA of 3.6 or higher, are involved in school clubs or sports, are an active learner, absent less than 10% of the school days last year, and were recommended by the teacher panel. The NHS students are taking on many projects this year, but the first that came up, was to find a solution to the lunch issue.
The issue was, that MS/Sec students were not being responsible with their garbage and dishes when they were eating outside of the patio and lunchroom. At the beginning of the year students were asked to eat only in the cafeteria and on the patio to reduce the clean-up and disappearance of dishes and silverware. NHS stepped up and decided they could monitor the outside eating areas so they made the announcement to the student body and have set up a schedule. Great first project! They have also begun their COATS project. Read more about it under NHS.

Student Council is coming together this year with new advisors and some new ideas. Their first project will be the Haunted House at the Fall Festival. They spend much time and effort on the Haunted House and it is the favorite event of the Fall Festival.

Roots and Shoots is a new organization this year at QSIT, although it is well known worldwide for helping students focus their efforts in community service. The Roots and Shoots group have many projects on the horizon and are now hearing about different needs in the community. You will be hearing much more from them this year. Esther, one of our secondary III students, is heading up the school wide Roots and Shoots program.

Please take some time to acknowledge and support our student leaders as they gain leadership skills over their years at QSIT.

Karin Noll

QSI Upcoming Events and Activities:  
  • 13 October -  Cross Country (Lisi Lake)
  • 15 - 19 October -  Fall Break.Please note that the Gym will be closed as well.
  • 25 October - PT Conferences 
  • 2 November - QSIT Fall Festival by PSG
NEW QSIT Staff Members
My name is Erena Fulton. I have been a teacher for 20 years; 15 devoted to literature and writing classes and the other five to adventure-based counseling. In northern New York, I taught English and Reading to children in grades 7 - 12 in a small rural school close to the Canadian border. At QSI Baku, for two years, I taught Literature, Writing, Creative Writing, and AP Literature at the secondary level. I also taught sign language and bass guitar as after-school activities. At QSI Tbilisi, I will be teaching 12 YOC Reading, Writing, and Cultural Studies.  My husband, Steve, will be teaching Cultural Studies at the secondary level.

My years as a director and trainer in team-building and conflict resolution, using an adventure-based curriculum, are invaluable as teaching tools on a daily basis.  Music also influences my teaching; I embed music into many of my lessons because it’s an irresistible draw for students especially for teaching writing skills. 

I have lived a mobile life from birth because my father and my husband were in the Air Force. My father was Canadian, my mother is British, and my sister is Korean; I also have family members from the Philippines and Japan. These cultural influences enrich and expand my understanding of how individual experiences impact a person’s perspective, and they continue to shape my approach to teaching. In my free time, I read, sew, cook, and play bass guitar and sing in a band with my husband and three other friends.

Steve and I will miss our children and grandchildren, but we look forward to our time in QSI Tbilisi making new friends, learning about the Georgian culture, and working with our students.

My name is Steve Fulton. I am very excited to be coming to QSI Tbilisi.  My wife Erena and I live in a very small community in northern New York. To drive from our house to Montreal, Canada takes about 90 minutes. The nearest “city” to our house is Plattsburgh, NY, about 20 miles away. It is very rural here with lots of outdoor activities to do in the mountains.  For the past couple of years we have been enjoying kayaking in the lakes and rivers nearby.

I am familiar with QSI as I taught Cultural Studies at Baku International School for two years from 2015 – 17.  In addition, I have visited Tbilisi many times during our visa trips from Baku to Tbilisi. And I coached the Junior Boys basketball team that came to Tbilisi in Feb ‘17. My first year at BIS I taught mostly the 12 and 13 YOCs.  The second year there I taught 12 and 13 YOC Cultural Studies, Sec I World Geography, Sec II World History, and Sec III US History.

Prior to coming to BIS and Azerbaijan I spent 21 years in the US Air Force (USAF) where I flew as a navigator on three different types of military aircraft and, with the Air Force, travelled to many parts of the world. During my time in the Air Force our family lived in California, Texas, Iowa, Nebraska, and New York.  I grew up in Michigan and because of the Air Force I have visited 49 of the 50 states!

In 2001 I retired from the military and began a teaching career in the very small Adirondack mountain village of Clintonville, New York. There, I taught World and US History. The school had about 750 kids from 7th – 12th grade and I taught mostly 10th and 11th grade Social Studies. One of my World History classes was a combined 9th/10th grade group of “at-risk” students. One of my best experiences while teaching there was the German – American Exchange Program that I led.  

Since leaving the USAF I have been playing music in a band. We play all over the local are here in northern New York. I play the guitar, banjo, ukulele, bass guitar, and sing lead and back-up vocals in our band called Fulton’s Folly. This experience helped me at BIS as the ukulele teacher and the band director for the 6 – 11 YOC students.

My educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Biology; my Master’s degree is in History. I also earned teaching certifications in both Texas and in New York.

QSI Regional Training 2018

Professional Development Days
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Communication Specialist

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New QSI Tbilisi Scholastic Book Club 
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Yoga classes in Digomi
I’m happy to introduce my yoga classes for beginners and intermediate levels to QSI community.
Our yoga session includes a wide variety of asanas combined with awareness on your breathing, pranayama and relaxation.
Where: Digomi 8 (close to Tbilisi Mall)
When: Every Tuesday from 10 am to 11 am
Mobile: 579 01 51 53 Email: 
Costs: 15 Lari per lesson
Elena Steinheim, M.D.
Holistic medicine/ Ayurveda/Naturopathy
Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor
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WHO we are, WHAT we do, WHY we do it
QSI International School of Tbilisi, an open and connected community of students, parents, and staff, prepares life-long learners to contribute to the global society by ensuring academic and social excellence through a world class educational program. Our engaging learning environment offers students unique opportunities to develop their talents and skills in preparation for real world success.
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