Dear QSI Tbilisi Community,

What an amazing turnout for the annual International Night--28 nationalities, 43 tables, hundreds of hungry boys and girls, fantastic signing and dancing, and a million smiles!  Thanks again to Mirka for her coordination and all of the wonderfully giving QSI staff members, families and friends who shared stories--and food/drink--from their home countries.

Lastly, if you thought International Night was fun, then join us for the 1st Annual QSI Tbilisi Charity Ball on Saturday, 13 are on sale at Reception.  :-)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Daniel Blaho
Director, QSI International School of Tbilisi


QSI International School of Tbilisi 

The Panther Pause


Volume 3, Issue 24
30 April 2017                                                                                                                                                
A chance to stop for a moment and recognize all of the
outstanding accomplishments around us!
Statement of Purpose 
WHO we are, WHAT we do, WHY we do it
QSI International School of Tbilisi, an open and connected community of students, parents, and staff, prepares life-long learners to contribute to the global society by ensuring academic and social excellence through a world class educational program. Our engaging learning environment offers students unique opportunities to develop their talents and skills in preparation for real world success.

The Lovely Bees on a Bug Watch

(4-Year-Old Class) 
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Ready Freddy Saves the World

7-Year-Old Class) 

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Secondary – MAP and AP Exams

(Secondary Class) 

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          Poems by Elementary Intensive        English Class


         (Intensive English Class)

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Spring Time Success Orientations

(By Tanja Lund)

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Great Housekeeper Available

Our housekeeper Lada is very good-natured, thorough, honest, hard-working and reliable.  She speaks enough English for simple conversations regarding housework.  Lada is flexible and able to follow directions and recipes well.  We are very pleased with her work but are unable to offer her enough hours.  I am sure she would be willing and able to accommodate most reasonable house-related requests and duties.  Please call her for to arrange an interview:

Lada:  593 157 557
Click Here
Village Zurgovani,0126 Tbilisi, Georgia, Tel:(995 32) 253 7674,