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Volume 4, Issue 14
January 27th, 2018                                                                                                                   
A chance to stop for a moment and recognize all of the
outstanding accomplishments around us!
International Week is such a wonderful time to share our cultures, our food, our stories and all those things that make our cultures and countries special.  Thank you for sharing this week.  The students loved having their parents come and present their home countries and elementary students were so proud to share their presentations. 
There are many, many people to thank for their hard work.  Sarah Williamson did a great job organizing the PSG International dinner and all the country groups.  Amy Denman and Olaf Malver are chairing the PSG and lent a helping hand during the week.  Many thanks for your support.
The food brought for dinner by each family was truly an expression of the pride everyone feels for their country.    Thank you to everyone who shared and came to enjoy an evening together!
Another thanks go to the teachers and staff who helped students learn more about their own country as well as Georgia, the country we are all enjoying living in.  The Home/Host Country unit and week were meaningful because of your efforts.
These are the special activities that I hope will stay with our students and their families as they reflect back on their wonderful years at QSI Tbilisi. 

Statement of Purpose 
WHO we are, WHAT we do, WHY we do it
QSI International School of Tbilisi, an open and connected community of students, parents, and staff, prepares life-long learners to contribute to the global society by ensuring academic and social excellence through a world class educational program. Our engaging learning environment offers students unique opportunities to develop their talents and skills in preparation for real world success.
QSI Upcoming Events and Activities: 
  • 30 January - Elementary Assembly (9:30AM )
  • 01-03 February - Middle School Ski Trip
  • 8 February - Parent-Teacher Conference (for 5YOC - 10YOC)
  • 13 February - Elementary Assembly (9:00AM) (8 YO) SO Independent Endeavor
  • 15-17 February - SRAA Tbilisi Basketball Classic
  • 19 February - School Holiday
  • 22 February - End of Q3


International Week - 5 YOC Style

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Becoming Familiar with Georgian

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Congratulations to Taisia Crowley. She was accepted to University of Virginia.

Traveling the World in One Week, Day, and Night!
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Congratulations to Anna Vasadze. She was accepted to Radboud University.
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