The scholarship window is now closed. It will open in the spring of next year and contact us if you are interested. 



Statement of Purpose

In order to promote diversity and academic excellence, the QSI International School of Tbilisi offers Academic Scholarships to Georgian children who would otherwise not have the chance to attend the QSI International School of Tbilisi.

Scholarship Guidelines

  1. Scholarships are dedicated to Georgian Nationals, who demonstrate:

    • Excellent prior academic achievements

    • Strong written and oral English

    • A desire to become involved in school life outside of the classroom

    • Adaptability to a new environment

    • Financial need

  2. Scholarship students must maintain a valid Georgian passport in his/her name valid for international travel.

  3. A copy of the passport must be provided the School with the application package.

  4. The amount of funds that can be allotted for scholarships cannot exceed 10% of the amount of fees invoiced for full-fee paying students per year. This does not include Capital Fund or pre-school fees.

  5. The decision to grant and/or revoke a scholarship will be made by the QSI International School of Tbilisi Advisory Board.  Individual scholarships are awarded as a percentage of published tuition. The Advisory Board is responsible for determining individual scholarship amounts, to be awarded at between 10-90% of published tuition, based on their discretion and evaluation of all applicant criteria.

  6. Students, who have their scholarship revoked, have the opportunity to reapply and continue their studies at the QSI International School of Tbilisi as full paying students, subject to the standard entrance application and evaluation process.   


The criteria to determine whether or not a child will be granted a scholarship may include the following:

  1. The age of the child, with preference being given to students entering middle school or secondary.  Younger children may apply with the understanding priority is given to older students.

  2. The child must be in excellent health and will be required to pass a physical examination and present the evaluation to the QSIT registrar.

  3. Tests will be administered by the school designed to gauge academic ability and predict the success of the student in the school. These tests will be administered in the following areas: Mathematics, English Language Usage, and English Reading.  QSI Tbilisi will administer these tests.

  4. The strengths of the child will also be assessed in the areas of sports, arts and/or culture.  


Contact & Application Submission

(+995) 32 2 53 76 70





Akaki A. is 12 years old, now fluent in English. He was granted a scholarship in April 2016. He has been a QSI student since preschool.

‘I knew a teacher at this school and I heard that it was such a friendly atmosphere, no fights. When my mom got the info that I got the scholarship, we had a big party with friends and family. Everyone is kind here, the kids, the teachers, everyone. I love soccer and basketball and my favorite subject is math. I finally managed to crack the code to fractions, now it’s easy. I want to graduate from QSI and go to Harvard in the US. Then I will probably start my own business’.

Milena M. is 17, she was granted a scholarship in October 2016 and she graduated in January 2018.

‘I chose QSI because it has a reputation of being the best school in Georgia. I went to quite a few schools before coming here. I was not expecting the scholarship, I was very happy to get it! I like that the kids are from so many different countries, I got so much inspiration. I had a great social life with my friends here. I enjoyed the many activities, the travels, the sports tournaments. I was very involved and loved being on the girls’ basketball team, the volleyball team and the Student Council.  I am a dancer and I developed my talent in the QSIT drama class. I want to perform and be a choreographer, probably in the US. It is such a big present for Georgians to be scholarship students here’.

Milena is currently living in The US with her family, looking at future universities.

The first scholarships were granted to Archil M. and George K. in 1995 when QSI International School of Tbilisi was founded. Since then, more than 100 scholarships totaling more than $2 million USD have been given. Currently 23 QSI Tbilisi students are receiving scholarship support.

Criteria for getting a scholarship
Scholarships are given to Georgian citizens as a part of the agreement with the Georgian Government and Ministry of Education. A scholarship may be awarded based on academic merit, family financial need, or because of other family support.

A scholarship at QSIT also enables parents and children alike to join our international community full of sports, charity and fun events.