Counseling at QSI is in service to students and families throughout the school year. The primary goal of counseling is to provide guidance to assist students in achieving social, emotional, and academic success.


Some common school-related problems often arise from different challenges, such as related to transitions from different countries and school environments, adjustments to changes in academic demands, building friendships, and working through conflicts. The counseling program is designed to address such issues and support students in developing helpful skills such as time management, organization, how to increase academic effectiveness, and how to navigate different social dynamics and resolve difficult relationships. Counseling is a process that can help students identify and develop effective strategies both to cope with difficulties they encounter and to achieve their goals.


Working closely with teachers, parents and administrators, counselors help students resolve problems that interfere with personal, social, and academic functioning, while also emphasizing prevention, development, adjustment and wellness, with the aim of helping students achieve success.