QSI Dushanbe Environmental Impact

At QSI Dushanbe we are concerned about sustainability. We address this concern in various ways, from our MSA accreditation objectives to school programs to curricular choices. Here are the highlights:

  • We are an Eco School!
    • Students, teachers, and parents work on projects within twelve environmental themes.  Our goal is to develop schoolwide environmental habits and awareness, but we also want to earn the highly coveted Green Flag!  This action meets our MSA accreditation objective.
  • We reduce waste!
    • Reusable plates and cutlery for large school events
    • Two compost bins (built by students, a parent, and teachers) and a compost bucket, to which school community members may bring their compost. Primary students put any compost from their daily snacks in the bucket, and the school gardener puts grass clippings, leaves, and other compostable materials from the grounds into the bins. Classes are free to use the compost in their gardening pursuits, which several levels have as a selective unit.
  • We recycle!
    • QSI Dushanbe has recycling bins for paper and cardboard in all its buildings. The Recycling Crew, composed of various students during a weekly 8th period activity block, collects and sorts the recycling. The sorted contents are regularly taken to a factory in Dushanbe, where they are transformed into toilet paper.
  • We re-use!
    • Teachers are masters of finding uses for items that would otherwise be thrown away. Have an empty glass pickle jar? Great, it can be a coin collection jar! An old tissue box gets turned into a game container. Other odds and ends sometimes make their way into our Makerspace.
  • We save water!
    • Our horticulture weekly activity has created two water tanks, one on each campus, that collect rainwater that our gardener can use to water the grounds.
  • We conserve electricity!
    • Throughout our buildings we have student-made signs reminding staff and students to turn off lights and close doors, reducing electricity use and keeping our buildings cool in hot weather and warm in the winter.
  • We build environmental awareness!
    • Three Eco Schools boards are hung in our campus and include environmental information. There is an Eco Schools section in our weekly school newsletter that displays articles, informational presentations, and advertises collections for various environmental projects. We celebrate Environment Day and Transportation Action Day and we measure our success via awareness surveys.