Vision and Philosophy

All QSI schools share a common vision and philosophy: that all students can be successful, which is accomplished best through a mastery-learning, performance-based educational system.  Within this framework, QSI Dushanbe recognizes and works to meet the needs of every student.

Learning at QSI Dushanbe can take a variety of forms.  It might look like a student working individually with a teacher or independently on an assignment, or students and teachers collaborating in a subject area.  Whether it’s conduction experiments, solving challenging mathematics problems, focusing on elements of a story or diving into certain periods of history, learning at QSID is student-centered and focused on developing a growth mindset.

Within these student-teacher partnerships, QSID creates an expectation of success by helping students rise to challenges presented, persevere through problems, learn from mistakes, and develop a sense of satisfaction that comes with facing a challenge and succeeding.

Woven throughout this educational process are the QSI Success Orientations, the values we believe each child needs to become a successful adult:  Kindness and Politeness, Responsibility, Concern for Others, Independent Endeavor, Group Interaction, Respect, and Aesthetic Appreciation. Overall, the education offered at QSI Dushanbe provides students with the foundation they need to become successful, involved global citizens of the 21st century.