The Middle States Association

of Colleges and Schools

Student Performance Objectives

Student growth, improvement, and achievement is at the heart of  the educational philosophy at QSI. It is at the center of all conversations concerning your children. For MSA, we are focusing on two specific areas of growth with our Student Performance Objectives. These objectives will track growth and improvement for the next seven years. Each year, we will reassess the progress and effectiveness for our plan for growth, and make any changes or adjustments that are necessary. The two objectives are as follows:

MSA Standards for Accreditation

Standards for Accreditation are used by the school to monitor and produce school improvement and student achievement. Below are the standards for accreditation, and if you click on the link, you can read more concerning the standards and indicators.

Standard 1: Philosophy/Mission

Standard 2: Governance and Leadership

Standard 3: School Improvement Planning

Standard 4: Finances

Standard 5: Facilities

Standard 6: School Climate and Organization

Standard 7: Health and Safety

Standard 8: Educational Program

Standard 9: Assessment and Evidence of Student Learning

Standard 10: Student Services

Standard 11: Student Life and Student Activities

Standard 12: Information Resources and Technology