Intensive English at QSID

One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.

‒Frank Smith

Doors are always opening at QSI Dongguan! The ultimate goal of any Intensive English (IE) program is for IE students to successfully transition into the Mainstream Literacy classroom as quickly as possible. Mainstream Literacy trials are a safe way for IE students to enter the Mainstream Literacy classroom. QSID conducts Mainstream Literacy trials in August, October, January, and March.

How are IE students nominated for Mainstream Literacy trials?

Nominated IE students should be proficient in the four domains of language: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The IE teachers and the IE Coordinator work closely together to ensure that IE students are progressing in English using multiple assessments: MAP, IPT, Writing Benchmark Assessment, Fountas and Pinnell BAS, and more! IE teachers provide evidence and work samples created by the nominated students, and then the IE Coordinator schedules stakeholder meetings.

Stakeholder Meetings

Once students are nominated, stakeholder meetings are facilitated by the Intensive English Coordinator. The IE teacher, Mainstream Literacy teacher, and IE Coordinator meet to review the nominated student’s assessments and writing. Next, they work together to discuss possible accommodations and obstacles that may arise during the trial. Trials last for approximately three weeks (ideally enough time to complete one reading and writing unit). The Intensive English Coordinator communicates often with the Mainstream Literacy teacher and parents throughout the trial. The trial is closed once the unit is completed. We have had a 96.7% success rate with fifteen students exiting the Intensive English program this year.

Parent Buy-in

The IE Coordinator and teachers communicate often with parents, especially during Mainstream Literacy trials. Parents have been very supportive of the Mainstream Literacy trial process. Administration, teachers, and parents work together to ensure student success at school and at home. able 3 Accent