Community Service Program

QSI CARES Community Service Program

QSI CARES (Community Action and Regularly Engaged Service)

Students learn through service. They learn about themselves, the world around them, and how these two elements interact to form strong civic values. We encourage our students to participate in service or volunteer activities whether they are school-sponsored or arranged personally. Often service trips may require students to travel to build homes in remote Chinese villages, work at a sea turtle restoration center, or be as simple as helping out at a local orphanage. All of these activities help our students grow and show colleges and universities they are engaged in the world around them.  These activities will about more than just activities. They will require students to actively plan, engage, and reflect on their actions.

Some activities are coordinated through agencies such as Habitat for Humanity, Play for Peace, and Turtles 911. Some activities are more locally based and arranged through local charitable organizations. Students should choose community service carefully, and pursue something that will have personal meaning for them. Otherwise, this will become a meaningless exercise in accumulating the necessary hours. Choose something that is going to help you grow and develop, and will benefit your community. When applying for college, admissions will recognize that students have contributed something to the community that goes beyond counting hours for what is required by the program.

All students should document their service hours to participate in the QSI CARES Program (Community Action and Regularly Engaged Service), and track their service throughout the secondary program. Students who have accumulated the following hours will be recognized:

  • Bronze QSI CARES Certificate (30 hrs)
  • Silver QSI CARES Certificate (50 hrs)
  • Gold QSI CARES Certificate and Plaque (75 hrs)
  • Platinum QSI CARES Certificate and Plaque (100 hrs)