I am delighted to have been selected as the Director of QSI’s newest school, the QSI International School of Djibouti!

For the past two years it has been my privilege to be Director and also a teacher at QSI Shenyang in the Liaoning Province of Northern China.  Prior to joining QSI as an administrator, I was Director of Escuela Las Morochas (a small, independent international school in Western Venezuela) for four years.  I have been an educator for seventeen years, and have taught every grade level from 3-year-olds to high school seniors.  I LOVE being in education!  For me, there is simply no more fulfilling work than helping to shape the next generation.  My work with QSI is especially meaningful because, like the students I have worked with in China and Venezuela, I am a TCK (Third Culture Kid) myself having been born and raised in Liberia and spent my teenage years in Peru.  

I completed my certificate of International School Leadership through the Principal’s Training Center in 2013.  I have a Master's from Central Michigan University (2007) and am pursuing a second Master's degree through The College of New Jersey.  I earned my Michigan teaching certification through an accelerated cohort program at Oakland University, and my Bachelor's degree from Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania.

To be an educator is a privilege.  I believe that those of us fortunate enough to be educators at international schools have a unique opportunity to shape the leaders of tomorrow.  The young men and women coming through our classrooms will be leaders, whether in their “native” country or some other nation.  It is our privilege and our responsibility to prepare them for leadership by helping them achieve success for all.