I am delighted to be serving for a second year as the Director of one QSI’s newest schools, QSI International School of Djibouti.  In August of 2016 the school opened with 11 students; today we have close to 40 students, representing eight different nationalities.  The extraordinary growth here at QSI International School of Djibouti is a testimony to the dedication and commitment of our teaching staff. 

I have been an educator for nineteen years, and this is my 8th year as Head of School.  My previous posts were in Venezuela and China and, in addition to my administrative experience, I have taught every grade level from 3-year-olds to high school

seniors.  I LOVE being in education!  For me, there is simply nothing more fulfilling than helping to shape the next generation.  My work with QSI is especially meaningful because, like the students I have worked with in Djibouti, China and Venezuela, I am a TCK (Third Culture Kid) myself.

To be an educator is a privilege.  I believe that those of us fortunate enough to be educators at international schools have a unique opportunity to shape the leaders of tomorrow.  The young men and women coming through our classrooms will be leaders, whether in their “native” country or some other nation.  It is our privilege and our responsibility to prepare them for leadership by helping them achieve success for all.