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Djibouti, Djibouti
19 ( January )
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Ms. Taizu Wold
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Quality Schools International is excited to introduce the newest non-profit addition to the QSI family - QSI International School of Djibouti.

QSI International School of Djibouti will open in August 2016 with a high-quality 5- to 13-year-old elementary and middle school programs. Additionally, a complete preschool program will be offered for students ages 3 and 4. Students interested in a secondary program are invited to make use of QSI's online learning platform, QSI Virtual Schools (QVS), through which secondary teachers in other QSI schools can provide instruction in needed subject areas, along with the support of on-site teaching staff mentoring at the school.

The academic program uses a Performance-Based/Mastery Learning approach to education. This model ensures mastery of specific skills and knowledge involving both individual and group instruction. The educational philosophy is founded upon the premises that:

1) All students can succeed.
2) Success breeds success.
3) It is the responsibility of the school to provide the conditions for success.

The curriculum used at QSI International School of Djibouti is the same curriculum used throughout all QSI schools. It is a time-tested curriculum that is revised on a seven year rotational basis. The curriculum includes English (reading, grammar, creative writing, handwriting, and spelling), Mathematics, Cultural Studies (history and geography), Science (physical, life, and earth, Art, Music, Computers, Physical Education, Library, and Foreign Language.

Materials and equipment are current, relevant, and of high quality. Class sizes are small. The teaching faculty and director are experienced, caring educators.

Important Notice: The school week will be Sunday through Thursday.

Register now for the 2016-2017 school year by completing the application form here: Student Application Form.

We look forward to hearing from you with any questions or concerns. For more information about the school or questions regarding the fees, please contact us at You can also contact us at QSI Headquarters in Ljubljana, Slovenia (GMT +01) at +386-1-200-7884 or on Skype at pmjjmw.