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Athletics and Activities

girls volleyball team

QSI is committed to offering students the opportunity to explore their interests through our diverse after school activities/athletics program.  Our philosophy is that it is the school’s responsibility to provide these programs to: 

  • Help students to identify new opportunities for interest and participation 
  • Inspire in students a lifelong passion for activities and sports 
  • Promote team building through active participation 
  • Create opportunities for student voice and leadership development 

Activities and Athletics at QSI schools allow opportunities for students to explore beyond the curriculum while embodying the success orientations. 

  • Independent Endeavor – Students are encouraged to try something new.  The activities a school offers are influenced by the student interests at the school. 
  • Kindness and Politeness - Coaches will put an emphasis on sportsmanship and inclusion. 
  • Aesthetic Appreciation - Activities allow students to create, build, and improve their school. 
  • Trustworthiness – Students will learn that a foundation of teamwork is trusting in your teammates and being trustworthy in return. 
  • Concern for Others (and yourself) - Activities provide stress-relief and balance to the day. 
  • Responsibility - Students will commit to attending their activities and sports.   
  • Group Interaction – Teamwork is a core value of athletics.  Students will have the opportunity to make new friends beyond their homeroom. 

QSI understands the value of participation in local and international competitive and recreational events. QSI schools work to develop competitive teams and organize the means for groups to participate in regional school events and competitions, such as:  

  • Model United Nations 
  • Regional, inter-QSI, and local sports competitions 
  • Arts festivals 

Academic competitions including:  

  • Knowledge Bowl 
  • Math Olympiad 
  • History Bowl 
  • Week without Walls  
  • Service learning 

Athletic and activity programs look different at each QSI school due to school size, location, and other factors. Please see each school’s website for more specific information about the athletic and activity program.