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By Matt Lake
Director of Personnel 


  • ADVISORY BOARD: Directors should request Advisory Board member appointments or re-appointments from Mr. Jerry Scott. Our office will write the appointment letters once Mr. Scott approves the appointments. Each Director should update his/her school’s Advisory Board List and email it to (If Directors would like to have a copy of a recent advisory board list for his/her school, please email Michelle Lake and she will email you a list to use as a reference).
  • SICK LEAVE: Directors will report sick leave each month to using the same process that was used last school year. During September, Michelle Lake will email Directors their school’s QSI contracted employees’ sick leave balances and blank forms to be completed each month (just as last school year). August/September sick leave is due to on October 1, 2021.
  • PERSONAL PROFILES in QMS: All contracted employees Personal Profiles are in the QMS system. Directors should schedule a 30-minute work session during the month of September for all staff to update or complete their Personal Profile in the QMS system. Employees should also upload any new documents, such as a new master’s degree or a renewed teacher certification. Email Michelle Lake when new information is uploaded, so that the Personnel Office can check it.
  • REPORTS: Many reports are due to by the end of September. Check the “Director Reports by Month” in this newsletter.

    Maternity Leave---NEW INFORMATION for 2021-2022---When a School Director learns that a QSI contracted teacher plans to go on maternity leave, the Director should email Michelle Lake. The QSI Personnel Office will need to work with the QSI Legal Team regarding each individual school’s maternity leave policy due to gross contracts.

    New Baby Form---Parents should complete a New Baby Form once the baby is born and email it to (Michelle Lake can email the Director the form if needed. This is the form that notifies the Personnel Team that a new baby needs to be put on the medical insurance plan).
  • COMMIT/DEPART DEADLINES COMING SOON: Directors should remind QSI contracted staff that the commit/depart deadline is 15 OCTOBER 2021. More information will be sent to Directors regarding the intention form process and commit letters. Email with any questions.
    a. Email questions to
    b. Directors should explain to QSI contracted employees who receive the Met Life Health Insurance benefits that they should go to and click on the e-Benefits log-in to verify registration and print out health insurance cards. (The health insurance cards were difficult to mail because of the pandemic).
    c. During September, QSI will announce some online Met Life information sessions that School Administrators and teachers can attend to learn more information about their Met Life Health Insurance benefits. More details will come soon.