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By Dr. Karen Hall
QSI Vice President

The past few weeks have been the most important of your school year as you settled in, made adjustments to accommodate unexpected changes, welcomed new teachers, met new parents, made sure that classrooms were ready, and answered endless questions that needed immediate attention.  All the while you have been building your school community... 

Community.  What does this look like?  The first words that come to mind is “together, sharing, neighbors, taking care of each other, helping... the list goes on.  Making the list is simple; but walking these ideas out, in reality, is not always so easy.   

At QSI Headquarters, we are also experiencing the “establishing of community”.  After months of working from our various homes, on August 10, our new office spaces received internet, wifi, and were ready for us to occupy.  Headquarters personnel have moved into the new offices and, right along with you, we have begun building our community at HQ.  

QSI staff

So, it begins.  We are all working to establish positive community relationships as we face this new year.  Let’s not forget to look to our own Success Orientations.  We say these two words or “SO’s” so often that I wonder if we stop to think about how they really do impact our community.  Do we really expect the adults to follow the ideas of being kind, concerned, interacting positively, or are they just principles that we want to instill in our students? 

Another important aspect of a community to mention here is “celebrating together"--recognizing the successes and accomplishments of one another.  Take full advantage of the positive effects that celebrations can produce in your school community.  Celebrations come in many forms, a party, a kind word, a public compliment, certificates, etc.  Celebrations can help generate motivation in everyone (no matter how old) to keep doing his or her very best to grow and achieve more.   

At headquarters, we are celebrating you and your successful beginning for this new school year.  We are proud of your work in establishing positive educational environments in your respective locations.