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By Hasmik Olson
Marketing & Conference Coordinator 


Admin Conference 2021

As we are not able to have a face-to-face conference again this year, we will have six separate PD sessions spread throughout the school year. The PD sessions will start at the end of October (tentative dates - Oct 27, Nov 24, Jan 19, Feb 23, Mar 30, Apr 21), the final dates and meeting invitations will be sent out soon. All administrators - Directors, Directors of Instruction, Academic Coordinators will be invited to join the sessions. Counselors are also welcome to join should the PD topics interest them. Each session will be 2-3 hours. In addition to the six PD sessions, QSI HQ departments may have some additional training sessions (such as Finance, Personnel, Marketing, Child Protection, Legal, Technology) that will mostly be done through regional meetings. 

Here is hoping we can all come together next year! 

Website Updates 

Please make sure the information on your website is up-to-date. Make a habit of checking the website regularly to make sure all looks good. Set a reminder for every Monday to open the homepage and glance through real quick. 

Calendar - Remember your website homepage is pulling the dates from your calendar. If there are no dates in the calendar, the space where the calendar dates would normally be will appear empty, distorting the look of your website. Do make sure this doesn't happen. 

Staff changes - Update all the staff changes at your school, director's message, classroom teachers, etc. 

Consent forms - You will want to keep updating the website photos as you get some new good ones. Make sure the consent forms are signed as people register or return to school. 

Finalsite updates

  • You can now share a post directly to your social media from Finalsite's Posts module. These posts should be short and include a thumbnail image; otherwise, they will not look nice on Social Media. 
  • There is a new ratings field in Forms which allows form submitters to select their response on a scale of up to 10. 


Social Media 

The beginning of the school year is a great time to turn a new page on your social media calendar. If you had a change of staff and your social media 'coordinator' left, scout out a new coordinator as soon as possible. Please inform me so I can remove people who no longer need access to the school's Facebook page and add the new editors. 

Get the consent forms signed! - This is very important. Please get it done at the start of the year so you don't have to worry about it later.

Involve others - Ask teachers to take pictures of what's happening in the classrooms and share the photos with a short blurb (1-2 short sentences). This way you will never run out of posts. 

Schedule posts in advance - Spend a couple hours to schedule 10-15 posts in advance and you will be covered for weeks.  

Post regularly - Put reminders on your calendar to make at least one post per week.

Keep it simple and short - Post up to 6 photos per post with a short sentence or two to accompany it. 

Use hashtags - Don't forget to use hashtags with every post. At the very least you should have your school's hashtag (e.g. #qsimalta and #QualitySchoolsInternational) 

Reach out to me with any questions or help. 


School Newsletters 

As stated previously, it would be great for all schools to eventually start using the Messages Module of Finalsite to create their school newsletters. The initial set-up, creation of a dynamic template, uploading of the lists, etc. will take some time, but once that part is done the next issues of the newsletter will take little time. 

It is not required that schools start using the Messages module for their newsletters right away. If you are short on time and staff at the moment, perhaps the best is to continue using what you had last year. If you were using a PDF, please strongly consider switching to an online newsletter template (like Microsoft SWAY), as PDFs are not responsive on various devices and most people access the newsletters from their phones these days. 

If you are ready to switch to the Messages module and need my guidance, feel free to contact me. 

Reminder: Please add me to your school's newsletter mailing list. Thank you! 


QSI Connection 

The next issue of the QSI Connection Newsletter is scheduled to come out in September. Feel free to send photos and articles my way to be included in the Connection. Remember, the Connection focuses mostly on sharing classroom experiences, useful tips and advice, educational resources, etc. The Connection is shared on social media and on our website, so bear that in mind. According to the submission schedule, the following schools are expected to make at least one contribution: GRG, KAZ, MCN, PKT, SYG, UKR. Other schools are welcome to send articles and photos as well. I will send out a reminder again in the beginning of September, but feel free to send in your contribution as soon as you like.