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By Aaron Harnden
Director of Information & Communication 


New Teacher Virtual Training

Thank you to all those who were involved in the virtual training for new teachers.  We had three sessions on two separate dates in August to coordinate schools in the various time zones across the world.  We had approximately 190 individuals attend the sessions which included the new staff, presenters, and directors and DI’s.  
The goal of the sessions was three-fold.  First, we wanted the new teachers to meet the faces of the directors of QSI headquarters.  This included Regional Supervisors and photos of the Board of directors.  Secondly, we wanted new staff to know the historical foundations of QSI and the core beliefs and philosophy the organization upholds.  This included boundary conditions and the success orientations.  The third focus was for new staff to have time to meet and greet each other and see that QSI is part of a big organization.   
Many thanks to our administrators who worked with us on providing time and internet support for making this training available to your staff and for being a part of the sessions and going into the rooms to meet other staff.

Counselor Training

Eight new counselors (part-time and full time), as well as several administrators and one teacher from smaller schools, took part in the two-day training session in mid-August.  Training sessions were provided by our counselors and learning support team, along with Debbie Downes, Tim Kruger and Aaron Harnden.  Topics included the job description of being a counselor, the college and university process, Success Orientations within QSI, what to expect in the first year, the Crisis Management team, Child Protection, Learning Support and a Q & A roundtable.  Everyone also got to know each other better with a great opening icebreaker session.
The counselors are looking forward to bouncing ideas off each other and connecting with the monthly meetings which begin in September.

Teacher Academy

We are looking forward to launching the QSI Teacher Academy.  Lessons have been written by a team of teachers and administrators in the areas of Mastery Learning, Success Orientations, and the QSI Way.  Many lessons are completed and several are in draft form.  As we prepare to wrap up the work that has been completed, you will be informed as to how the lessons are to be used for teachers.  These lessons will support you in the work you do with your staff to ensure quality learning in these core areas of QSI.