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By Maura Martin
Director of Curriculum 


Curriculum Guidelines and Adjustments 

Please note that the curriculum adjustments the curriculum department put in place to help with  
unexpected online learning have been updated.  The only change is that if you teach face-to-face full time you are not to use the Curriculum Guidelines and Adjustments.  If you are in a mixed situation where you are online and in person, please use the guidelines below: 

Curriculum Guidelines and Adjustments 2021-2022 


Literature & Cultural Studies Textbook Links 

Although the HMH Literature textbooks (11 YO-Sec 4) are no longer available for purchase, PDF versions are available for download here

PDFs of Secondary US History and World Geography textbooks are here.   


Multilevel / Split Classes Course Outcomes 

Please remember if you have split classes (e.g., 5/6 class or 7/8 class, etc.) there are course outcomes and “courses” developed to facilitate these kinds of elementary split/multilevel classes from ages 5 to 11 year olds.  Please make sure you teachers have access to them.  They are on the Curriculum and Resource website in the elementary folder.  Find the link here.  QMS codes are also on that document. 


Textbook Transfers Between Schools 

Please do not forget that if you transfer textbooks between QSI schools you need to ensure that your resources are adequately accounted for in Follett Destiny.  The form is on the Curriculum and Resource site in the section called Resources and Ordering.  Find the link here


Emergency Orders 

If you have questions about your orders or questions about ordering books now, please contact one of the three ordering people: 

  • Dana deSosa ( 
    Schools: ALB, ARM, AZB, BZE, GRG, KSV, MST, PKT, PPA, SRM, TKM, and UKR 
  • Brenda Valderrama  ( 
    Schools: AST, ATR, BLR, BNN, KAZ, KGZ, MCN, MLT, MTG, TGR, and SVK 
  • Ayman Qasim  ( 
    Schools:  BRD, DJB, ETM, MDV, TJK, BHZ 

The QSI Book and Materials list is on the Curriculum and Resource site in the section called Resources and Ordering.  Find the link here


MAP Growth Assessments, Training and Windows 

Please find the MAP Growth Assessment Windows here

Please allocate time in your PD schedule for MAP training.  The MAP Facilitators assigned to your schools will be available to deliver MAP training virtually.  More details to follow. 

NWEA publishes a list of accommodations that include the universal accommodations listed below and more.  However, only many of the accommodations on their list are not approved for use in QSI schools as is our right as a district to decide.  The use of dictionaries and thesauruses are not approved.  Below is a list of approved universal accommodations for ALL students. 

See the Learning Support section, for more specific accommodations for students with learning support plans. 

Presentation Accommodations  

  • Simplify or clarify directions; for example, clarifying the location of the Next button  
  • Read or reread aloud the test directions  
  • Read or reread aloud the test questions for math only  

Setting Accommodations  

  • Minimize distractions; for example, use a study carrel 

Timing / Schedule Accommodations  

  • Administer test over multiple sessions in a day 
  • Administer test over a number of days  
  • Allow flexible schedule  
  • Administer at time of day most beneficial to student  
  • Offer breaks to get up and move around (no need to pause test for these breaks) 

Materials or Devices Accommodations  

Miscellaneous Accommodations 

  • Provide a drink during testing  
  • Provide a snack during testing 

Below is a picture of all universal accommodations that students will see on the screen when they test. 

curriculum chart

Errors on the Status Report? 

If you find an error on a status report from a previous school year, please remember to fill in the Unit Change Request Form (UCRF).  Include a detailed description in the document and make sure your dates and details are accurate.  Fill in the document and email it to and cc  The request will be checked and if approved the changes will be made.  QSI Administrators (counselors included) need to submit these forms.  The form is in the Path to Graduate section of the curriculum and resource site.  Find the link here.  You will need to download it first to fill it in.