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By Debbie Downes
Accreditation & Child Protection Lead 


Crisis Management 

If you would like support from our Crisis Management Team on any challenges you face (child protection, crisis communication, natural disaster, pandemic-related problems, or any other issues), please talk to your Regional Supervisor about getting in touch with us. If you experience a time-sensitive emergency, and you are unable to contact your Regional Supervisor, please email:


If your accreditation internal coordinator has changed, please let me know asap. This month, I will schedule a meeting with each school scheduled for a fall visit. 

Self-Studies: All schools with fall visits, please send your self-study to your Regional Supervisor and me by 10 September. Schools with February visits, please send your self-study to your Regional Supervisor and me by 1 December. 

Fall 2021:  

  • Europe:   BLR, MTG, QVS, SVK 
  • Asia:  HPH, SZN 
  • Central Asia:   ARM, ATR, KAZ

Spring 2022:    

  • Africa: BNN, DJB  
  • Europe: ALB, BHZ, BRD, MCN, MDV, MLT, MST, PPA 
  • South America: BZE 
  • Asia: ETM, SYG, ZHU 
  • Central Asia: AST, AZB, GRG, KGZ, TJK 


As you plan your Professional Development for the year, don’t forget about the wealth of QSI PD resources that you can find on the QSI PD Sharepoint (click here)

Child Protection

All schools should have a designated CP Lead. This person will work closely with the school Director to make sure that all aspects of the CP Handbook are in place. A few notes about the Handbook: 

The job of the CP Lead is to make sure that all the pieces of the Child Protection Handbook are maintained. If you look at Chapter Three of the Handbook, you'll see the responsibilities of the Child Protection Team. The CP Lead and Director should work together to lead the CP Team. You can divide up duties as you see fit. The CP Lead will also be in touch with me and the CP Leads from all other QSI schools for support. 

Code of Conduct

At the beginning of the year, the QSI Code of Conduct must be read and signed by all employees of the school and any adults who will have contact with students as part of a school program, activity, field trip, or other event, whether online or in person. 

When asking people to sign the Code of Conduct, please allow for time during a staff meeting or arrange a meeting where the staff/parents/volunteers/coaches/etc. have time to read it, ask questions, and discuss anything they wish to discuss before signing. 

You can find the Code of Conduct in your Child Protection Handbook and here.