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QSI Tbilisi - Graduation Letter to 2022 Graduates

Dear 2022 Graduates,

Thank You.

August 26th was the day I first met you. I had been anticipating and preparing for three weeks to meet my graduating Secondary IVs. That day was full of excitement. I was bombarded with questions and requests about your schedules, college guidance, letter of recommendations, and other ideas. You, and I, were so excited to be back in person to school. The day was sunny, hot, and beautiful. Feeling exhilarated at finally getting to see and meet you, my feelings took a dramatic turn when Mr. Martin quietly informed me that we would be going to distance learning after the next day. My reaction was immediate, with a pit in my stomach, I had the sense that I had lost what I just gained, the ability to help guide and build relationships with you. I can only imagine the disappointment you must have felt - the possibility of having a “normal” school year being taken away from you once again.

So, thank you for not letting this happen. You were the pros at knowing how to navigate learning and school from home. You had patience, and even enthusiasm as you continued the momentum toward finishing your last year of high school. You role modeled to me how it could be done, allowing me to access you through Teams, email, and texts at all different times, depending where in the world you were. And, when we returned to school full-time, you jumped in and faced the if, and when we would have to change again.

Thank you for showing me how flexibility, fluidity, and determination can get you through the hardest times. You demonstrated resiliency through the uncertainties of this year. You were and are successful.

Thank you for sharing your aspirations, passions, frustrations, and sometimes your doubts about your futures. I've learned so much.

But most of all, thank you for sharing your joy – joy of knowing that your future can be hopeful, dreams can be made despite all the adversity that came your way. 

So, here we are at the end of your high school career, at your graduation/commencement ceremony. 

Graduation signifies the end of this part of your life. But commencement doesn’t mean an ending. 

Commencement means a new start. 

This is when you take all of your skills, your experiences, the challenges you have overcome, the relationships you’ve developed… and combine all of those with your plans, your dreams, and your goals. You will have hardships and obstacles to overcome but you already know how to face those.

This is when you put all these things together and start to build your adult life, becoming the person you want to be. 

Congratulations to each one of you at this exciting time.

Now, start commencing!

With high regard and warm wishes,
Barb Conant “Ms. Barb”