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QSI Skopje - Mariah Brown

Interview with Mariah Brown


Mariah is graduating Summa Cum Lade with an Academic Diploma with Honors. In addition, Mariah will graduate with the AP Capstone Diploma and the distinction of AP Scholar. Mariah will attend Syracuse University with a major in Business Analytics. 

How would you describe your experience at QSI Skopje?

Meeting people from all over the world changed my perspective on certain topics and opened my eyes to understand different opinions and beliefs. I was able to make friends with people that have no similarities with me, I learned a lot, had a good education, and had caring teachers. Overall, I had a good experience.


What would you say has been the best thing to happen to you at the school?

The friendships that I made. My good friend Aleks, Darija and others. Also, there are teachers that I am fond of, Ms. Ivana, Ms. Marija, Mr. Pratt and others.

What have been some issues you encountered?

A few times I have had to deal with some ignorance from some classmates, yet for the most part when they were confronted, they were apologetic and changed their views.

Are you satisfied with how you did academically? Anything you would have liked to do that you were not able to?

I am beyond satisfied with what I have achieved with my academics here. I was able to take over 5 AP classes for the AP capstone and I even managed to become fluent in another language. I would have liked to have a basketball team in the last two years, but because of Covid and the size of the school, we were unable to.

If you could go back, would you change anything?

Academically I think I would have changed some of the certain courses that I took, and some decisions I have made throughout the years.

What tips can you give on working independently and staying focused on your class?

Know what your goals are and set realistic achievements for yourself. You have to really sit down and get an idea on what you are going to do, you have to leave time for yourself which will ensure more productivity, and always maintain a good balance.