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QSI Kosovo - Lena Ibishi


Ms. Lena Ibishi is in her second and final year here at QSI International School of Kosovo, where she attends along with her brother. They will both be graduating together this school year. 

Lena is a self-directed academic dynamo. She is extremely interested in the history of Kosovo, her home country. At the age of fifteen she began drafting a book, citing her post-war life in the village of Orlan as the major influence. At sixteen years of age, the book entitled, Europe’s Gunpowder, was published and can be found in bookstores across the country. 

In addition to her book, Lena has been active in her pursuit of academic excellence in the classroom and beyond. She has won an international oratory competition in the Balkans, as well as serving an internship for former Kosovo President Mr. Atifete Jahjaga. She is currently writing her Secondary IV Research Project on Kosovo Nationalist hero, Zahir Pajaziti. She has interviewed several prominent former soldiers who served alongside Mr. Pajaziti, and her paper is coming in at a hefty 30,000 words. Lena says she is thinking about using the paper as the framework for her next book.

Lena is an athlete, having won awards with QSI in track and field. She danced with a traditional Kosovo dance troupe who have been featured on national television. Oh, and she speaks four languages too!

Her well-rounded resume has earned her acceptance to a whopping ten universities, all of which have extended her scholarships. She has chosen to attend the Central European University in Vienna, a noted school for Political Science, which is her passion. 

Good luck, Lena!