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QSI El Tigre - Atilio Stefano De Cassan


Good afternoon. My name is Atilio Stefano De Cassan, and I am a senior at QSI International School of El Tigre. I want to begin this testimony by expressing my deepest gratitude for the opportunity you all have given me. You encouraged me throughout this process to continue with my studies at QSI, which turned out to be the best learning experience I've ever had. I realized that I was able to do things I never thought I could do before.

Two years ago, I graduated from a local school, and opportunities were limited; and I wanted to study abroad and learn new things. I decided to continue studying, but this time I chose QSI El Tigre. I was terrified since I was not very fluent in English, and everything seemed so different from my previous school.

My future took a different path, and I want to thank all the teachers who helped me learn new things I had never known before in my previous local school. Now, I feel I am ready to face any future challenge. Unlike local schools where teachers don't care what grades their students may get or if they learned the lessons, teachers at QSI El Tigre encourage us always to do our best, to get the objectives, and learn efficiently and correctly new topics.

As a senior, I realized that nothing is impossible if we are genuinely committed to ourselves. Every problem has a solution if we stay optimistic and dare to face it all. Giving up was never an option, and believing in oneself was the key to success.

Finally, one stage of my life ends, and another begins. Thanks to QSI El Tigre, where I arrived with doubts and fears but left more prepared than ever. I can not express how thankful I am to each teacher who took part in this process.