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QSI Baku - Advice for Applying to Colleges

    All right. It’s Secondary 4, so it’s time to apply to colleges. It’s a tough road ahead, but fret not! The following are tips from world-class experts in admissions (the BIS 2022 class):

  1. First, you really should start preparing for college in your freshman year of high school. How? You’ll want to pursue your interests. Go ahead and join those clubs you never thought of joining. If there aren’t any, make one. Participate in competitions, festivals, and community service. Anything that’ll show your ambition, initiative, and leadership to admissions officers. 
  2. Your hobbies and ambitions should guide you in your choice of major. This will fall in line with all your extracurricular work and will put you in a comfortable spot when writing your college essays. Early in your senior year, do as much research as you can on universities (check scholarships also). Focus on all criteria – ranking doesn’t mean everything. 
  3. All this talk of extracurriculars doesn’t eliminate the need for strong academics. Do your best to pursue that 4.0 GPA, 1600 SAT, and multiple AP classes each year (shows colleges you’re ready for college level work in high school). But keep in mind that your academics are only one part of your application; try to find a balance between everything. 
  4. Narrow down your colleges. Quality over quantity. Use strategy when applying to universities. Include a few elite schools, a few good schools, and one or two that you’ll most likely get into. Don’t apply to 30 colleges like we did.