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QSI Atyrau - Olivia and Jeet

Olivia Zengel

Never in a million years would I have thought to be graduating from QSI Atyrau, let alone graduating in Kazakhstan. Coming from Texas, it was a very interesting transition but looking back, moving to Kazakhstan was one of the best decisions my parents ever made. Having a very small class has allowed me to grow exponentially in my personal life as well as my academics this year.

Through the QSI system, I have made lifelong friends and truly feel part of one big family. Being a part of the QSI community is much more than academics but also forming personal relationships as well as the benefit of adhering to student-specific needs. I'm proud to be graduating from such community, as well as the many achievements I have made this year in QSI. 


Jeet Patwa

My experience growing up at QSI Atyrau has been nothing short of unique. My past 9 or 10 years (I don't even know how many years it's been anymore), have been so memorable and truly shaped me as a person. The school's small size allowed me to get to know every person and make some lifelong friends during my childhood, many of which I keep in touch with to this day.

QSI has introduced to me an array of people from different backgrounds and cultures with different viewpoints, beliefs, and perspectives. In turn, it has made me into a more diverse, open, and accepting human being.