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QSI Ashgabat - Sanjar Rozyev

By Leyli Muratliyeva 
Secondary III Student at QSI Ashgabat (AIS) 

Like most seniors, Sanjar Rozyev is currently busy preparing for his AP exams and getting ready for graduation. Amid all the last-minute stress and excitement, I was lucky to be able to take an interview from one of Ashgabat International School’s seniors. Sanjar reflected on his 5 years at AIS and talked about his plans for the future.

Sanjar is an outgoing and enthusiastic friend who is always kind to everyone around him. His hobbies include soccer, playing the guitar, and coding. For a long time, he was not sure of the major he would pursue as his undergraduate degree, but last summer he found himself interested in computer science. At the beginning of this school year, he chose to enroll in AP Computer Science Principals and AP Computer Science A to explore this field of study and prepare for the major he is planning on pursuing. 

Today, he is planning on attending the University of Glasgow in Scotland, UK. He received a conditional offer in January of this year and has been excited to start his university journey ever since. When asked about his dream job, Sanjar says “My dream job is to work as a software engineer, and I might even switch to cybersecurity or AI-focused science.” In the near future, he sees himself receiving his major and exploring new possibilities. 

In the hallways of the school, Sanjar can be seen walking with a laptop in his hands and headphones hanging from his neck, smiling at his friends. Looking back at the last 5 years at AIS, he has fond memories of the events and moments he spent with his friends and peers, having fun and creating lifelong memories. As he holds his enthusiastic and uplifting image, I was curious to know whether he experienced any challenges or struggles in the last 5 years, and he humbly replied “To be honest, my life was relatively easy. It’s still pretty easy. I just feel a lot more stressed this year because of the classes that I take, exams coming up… but overall life is going pretty well.” In the future, Sanjar believes that he will remember his friends and classmates most because of how dynamic and funny they were. Even today, reminiscing stories about his class are told many times to teachers and classes after them because of how energetic and exciting they all are. 

To those who will graduate after him, Sanjar gives tips on how to get the most out of the senior year. He speaks from experience when he says that putting in that effort and challenging yourself is important. With 4 AP classes this year, he has challenged himself to push as much as he can to reach his goal of attending his dream university. Sanjar also values his time spent enjoying life. Whether it is by spending time with friends and family or spending time practicing his guitar skills, he believes that senior year should be enjoyed and not taken for granted. A perfect balance of work and enjoyment is the key to success for a senior. 

One of Sanjar’s greatest desires for the world of tomorrow is for people to be kind to one another. Although he doesn’t believe in superheroes such as those from movies, he sees his parents as the real superheroes. He says, “They have been working hard to provide me with the opportunities that I have today, and I look up to them and aspire to be as hardworking as they are. I consider them my role model and inspiration.” 

Although this seems like the end of an era, of his high school career, Sanjar considers it the “First Chapter” of his life. He is excited to see what life has in store for him, and will never forget the experiences that his high school has provided him with.