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Congratulations, QSI Class of 2022!

By Scott Root
Director of School Operations 



Congratulations, QSI class of 2022, for your profound achievement of graduating from your respective Quality Schools International (QSI) school! You have deservedly earned your secondary education degree, and our respect for persevering through hard times in meeting the QSI graduation standards. The pandemic and geopolitical situations have made many things difficult during most of your secondary-level education. You have endured restricted travel, quarantines, mask-wearing, limited socializing, and online learning to deserved felicitations. You were born early this twenty-first century, and there has been much discussion throughout your schooling about twenty-first-century skills. Adaptability is at the center of the skills identified as necessary for success in this ever-changing globalized world, and you have learned that through the school of hard knocks. History will empathize with you for the hardships you have faced so early in your life. And, someday, you will tell your grandkids of the trying circumstances under which you completed your secondary level education.

You undoubtedly have plans for the near future that may take you physically away from your home and family. That is an emotional and necessary milepost to pass in pursuit of your goals and a transition for your parents, siblings, extended family, and friends. Tell them how you love them and appreciate their support—that will mean everything to those individuals. Your teachers have shared in your learning and believe in you. Thank them for caring and investing in you. As for you—only goodness knows the future. But, you are ready to embrace the joys and face the challenges of tomorrow. 

The Road Not Taken poem by Robert Frost touches upon the primordial mystery of choice. The unknown of what lies ahead conjures feelings from uncertainty to hope. You are undoubtedly experiencing some anxiety from the juxtaposition of those emotions, which is expected. And have probably received plenty of advice as you soul search your next steps forward, but it is you to whom your future belongs and must ultimately look. Bear in mind that deciphering between good and bad options is easy but deciding from a myriad of viable positive alternatives is more complicated.

The standard issued advice in choosing the best path forward is to follow your passions while factoring in your talents when considering your opportunities. That is a good recommendation for material success. But, look to the principles you learned from your family and the values you gleaned through the Success Orientations to find purpose. Listen to that inner voice and pursue goals that have value beyond oneself to find happiness.

It is now for you to chart your road less traveled. Know that you are loved, so take care of yourself. And, remember, always, that we are proud of you and believe in you.