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QSI Bishkek - Vladimir Luzgin

graduate 2021

I have been a student at QSIB since I was in pre-school, and the school community has been a significant influence throughout my entire life.

QSIB engaged me and guided me to become a better and more successful individual. In addition, QSIB definitely aided me in developing my character, leadership, and passion for community service. 

I really want to direct the most heartwarming thanks to my friends and especially to my teachers that I’ve had over the years. Every single teacher uniquely instructed me and helped me to acquire new essential knowledge for my future plans. Growing up in a more Russian-speaking community and learning in an international one, QSIB has granted me the ability to view the world from multiple perspectives. Because of this diverse environment, I’ve learned to communicate my thoughts and feelings formally and appropriately. QSIB has helped me to develop as a leader. I’ve always feared demonstrating my leadership skills due to the lack of self-confidence and the fear of failure. But with the support of our community and the school programs, QSIB has ignited the hidden competence that I’ve possessed.  

Besides the quality education, QSIB offers the students a safe and diverse environment, where students, as young as toddlers, develop their personalities and social skills. Furthermore, students learn to never give up on their tasks and dreams and always strive for excellence no matter the obstacles that stand in their way.