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QSI Athletics and Activities 2020-21

Athletics and Activities are an important part of student growth and development such as the physical, social, emotional, mental, and environmental levels. Students develop independence through these or similar events, satisfy the need for self-realization as well as the need to belong, and thus make friendships more easily. This is a unique opportunity for students to connect with their peers as well as focus on something beautiful, positive, and good for their health.

In the school year of 2020/2021, QSI schools participated in some virtual CEESA events such as MS MUN, MS Knowledge Bowl, HS Math, MS & HS Robotics, and MS Cultural Arts while QSI Regional Athletics/Activities Program offered Upper Elementary/MS Spelling Bee, MS Knowledge Bowl, MS Math, MS Cultural Arts Festival, Cross Country, and Track and Field. Participants enjoyed all the events offered in this school year and looking forward to many more to come.

Some students used the QVS platform to prepare for the MUN Conference. Here is what one student thinks from QSI Chisinau, Moldova. 

Even though the world was going insane at the time due to the epidemic and the government's limitations, QVS allowed me to prepare for MUN from the comfort of my own home. Clearly, while using QVS to prepare for MUN, I had to adjust to a new world. Additionally, it changed my entire viewpoint on online education. While preparing for MUN online, I was able to build skills such as virtual communication, cooperation, self-motivation, and critical thinking, all of which are necessary when applying for a job.
Being a part of QVS enriched my educational experience by providing me with flexibility. This platform enabled me to work at my own pace while preparing for the MUN conference, which I truly enjoyed. It is time to evolve, to progress, and to work together to elevate MUN to the next level through QVS."

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