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Tribute to QSI from MSA

Tribute to our friends at Quality Schools International
From your friends on the MSA Visiting Team
Written by Marsha Aaronson
May 24, 2021

virtual call with colleages

Dr. Tim Sierer Dr. Kapono Ciotti
Rose Puffer, Dr. Priscilla Feir
Marsha Aaronson

In the middle of May for two weeks of this year
The QSI family was eager to hear
The report of the Team who had come from abroad
To interview and question the QSI horde.

The MSA team had been working through many a night,
Not even a tear – not even a fight.
A “virtual” bond was formed in these days
We have studied this school in so many ways.

It’s hard to believe that a few weeks ago
We all logged onto computers and we were ready to go!
We’ve so much in common – we’re pert and alive
When it comes to endurance, the team all scored “5’s!”

Gilson and Root had a dream long ago,
“We’ll start up some schools - in the hinterland though
The world is expanding – there are needs to be met.
With forethought and courage, we’ll both be all set.”

Our thanks to Jerry Scott with his passion and grit.
Full of spirit and energy - not willing to quit.
But we thought that we were going to Malta with him.
Ok - we will wait till next year for a dinner and swim!

When it comes to organization, Deb Downes is the queen
One of the best leaders that we have all seen
Her work, precision, and passion were easy to see
By their colleagues from nearby and over the seas.

Deb and her crew had nobly led
The faculty core who worked 'til they bled
Their work was so thorough – gave all that we asked
Easy to see that they were up to the task.

Tim Sierer had gathered a group of strong pals
One focused lad, and three winsome gals
To read and review and write and observe
Of course, not to sightsee, but only to serve.

Kapono from Cairo was sharp and on task
Always was helpful whenever we asked.
For assessment and curriculum - he was the pro,
When we had a problem, we knew where to go.

Rose Puffer from Pakistan for many a year
QSI is so lucky that she could come here.
She is cheerful and lively - with you and with us
She kept us together without making a fuss

Priscilla Feir shouldered on to finish the task
She was always right there whenever we asked.
Eager and open – a pro at her best.
With her on the team, we could all take a rest.

Retired Marsha was pleased to chip in
Her love of good schooling is under her skin
Impressed with the level of this talented team
Smart, focused, and sharp – the best that she’s seen.

Now how do we thank you for these special days
You planned and prepared in so many ways
Not for us - not for you - but for kids young and old
To help them develop and watch them unfold.

We travelled three continents – the sights not to see
Seeing Phuket, Ashgabat, Kyiv – was not meant to be
Leaders from Kosovo, Chengdu and El Tigre all welcomed us in
Missing Dongguan and Suriname was really a sin.

Our common assessment, we want you to know
Is that you are a group that’s more substance than show.
You trust and respect and support one another,
I know I’d be proud if I were your mother!!

Each one of you met us with welcome and ease
Your joy and your passion are something to seize
You have made special places - We hope you infer
The past several weeks have gone by in a blur.

You should feel proud of your mission – proud of your place
Proud of your students and proud of your pace.
You keep the best interest of students foremost
When you welcome in families – You’re the #1 host.

To the QSI students, you are one special troop
It would be very hard to locate a more talented group
Praise came from your teachers for all that you do,
It was obvious to us, they are smitten with you!

If you are a parent, we want you to feel
That you’re at a school that’s authentic and real.
Your children are happy -- nurtured and fed
With care, knowledge and passion – things said and unsaid

If you are a teacher – you’re blessed with a place
That supports, values and trusts you with honor and grace
If you are a leader, feel proud of your feat
You have gathered your cadre - the challenge to meet

So let us rejoice at the end of this phase
And let us remember the last several days
You worked and you worried – but you all survived
Now, let us go home while our Zoom’s still alive!