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QSIM Receives “Eco Schools” Green Flag Award

By Hafida Becker

Educator at QSI Malta 


This year, one of our teachers and four 11 YO students represented QSI International School of Malta at the Green Flag award ceremony. We were one of five schools to receive this national award! The audience, including Mr. George Vella, President of Malta, heard our student's fabulous speech. Our school was awarded a certificate and a giant Eco-Schools flag. 

How did our school become an Eco-School?  It was a process that began in November of 2019.  The school selected committee members including teachers, students and administrators to draft an action plan. This committee worked diligently to create a group mission statement, set SMART goals and implement the action plan.  

Our mission is to foster respect and compassion for all living things, to promote understanding of all cultures and beliefs, and to inspire each individual to take action to make the world a better place for people, animals, and the environment. All members, from pre-school to secondary, demonstrate their care and concern for living things through service projects in their communities and on a global level.

The committee chose to focus on schoolwide composting. They met regularly to discuss and successfully implement the action plan. The action plan comprised of building a composting area and educating the school community.  Each classroom was equipped with a composting bin, and on a rotation, homeroom students collect the organic waste weekly.  The committee set some attainable goals.

•    QSIM will compost 80% of all organic matter collected. 
•    100 % of students at QSIM will dispose of all organic matter correctly. 
•    100 % of every classroom at QSIM will have a compostable bin.

The committee collected baseline data on how the composting initiative was implemented.  They sent out a compost Survey January/April/June.  They conducted an internal audit of compostable material, and collected soil from composting.  Once the implementation plan was underway and the data showed promising growth results, the committee began the Ecoskola application process and steps on how to move forward, and time frame for submission. The school welcomed a guest speaker about composting and recycling and implemented a full separation of waste in the cafeteria and began using vermicomposting bins.  

The committee continues to educate our school community and is collecting evidence about composting efforts. This is an ongoing process and we are so excited that QSIM is able to participate in this environmental journey and show aesthetic appreciation, group interaction, and concern for others during this process.