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QSI Zhuhai Graduates

QSI International School of Zhuhai

graduates 2021

We are honored to have two graduates this year, Anna-Lucca Vagner from Denmark and Chun Yin “Timothy” Yu from China.  As our Secondary IV seniors, they have played a remarkable role in leadership in and out of the classroom.  With graduation weeks away, we celebrate their achievements, their plans to attend Danish and Hong Kong universities, and their great friendship.  

Anna Luca joined QSI at 3 years old.  Her whole life has been spent in Zhuhai as she graduates at 16 years old with six AP credits to her name. She is an outstanding scholar, a great writer, and an incredibly well rounded young lady earning an honors diploma. She will enjoy a gap year in her native Denmark before university.  

Timothy began his international school journey in high school quickly rising to the occasion and completing three AP courses as well as earning an advanced diploma. His love of business and economics has led him to the Hong Kong Polytechnic School. Timothy’s sense of humor and quick wit will open many doors.