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QSI Tbilisi Counselor Address

Dr. Terry Burns
K-12 Counselor, Quality School International Tbilisi

Dear Students,

At the time of writing, I am thinking of you in the early morning hours, and of the busy day that we have ahead. It is “Graduation Eve,” and Senior check out day. In a few hours you will be coming to my office with fully completed forms that indicate that all of your “business” with QSIT has been concluded. Once graduation is complete, you will also provide us with permission to address you as alumni.

I am sure you understand that graduation is an emotional time for the adults in your life, but I won’t digress; graduation is your time.

I want you to know that for me, each time that you came into my office for any reason at all, although I addressed you as students, mature students, you were always children and grandchildren in my heart. What I mean by this is that I value you and care about you all! We are sending you off now to a life of approximate 800 days of post-secondary study, and ultimately to some 10,000 vocational working days if you plan your lives wisely.

As I was reading something of a “revolutionary manifesto" this morning, there were two days that were mentioned, “Today,” and “Tomorrow.” The main message here was to not worry about either one of them. This is great advice because most worry is a great big waste of time. However, this message was not permission to avoid working hard, because there is going to be a lot of hard work in each and every day. Some of that work will affect your tomorrows, whether you will work 10,000 days, or even a lot more. Mom and Dad will help fill in the blanks on this thought.

In this manifesto for living, there was also a reminder to treasure the right things in your futures. We have talked a lot about right definitions of success, such as living a purposeful life and sowing seeds that benefit others. These are very important truths to live by. Nice things and important positions of influence are nice to have, but trust me, they won’t guarantee happiness. Let me confound you a bit, “Happiness doesn’t guarantee happiness!” What I mean by that is true happiness comes with a deep sense of peace and joy and is quite unmovable in times of difficulty, uncertainty, or the storms of life.

This week, I had one of those big milestone birthdays and my daughter made one of those videos where old friends and family send their best wishes and a few memories. (I dread things like this). I listened closely to hear if what I hoped was my intended life’s message was well received. I never heard one word about my beautiful house, cool pick-up truck, or the responsible positions of influence that I held before my third career in education. What I heard was a lot about  family, friendship, and faithfulness!

It is my deepest hope and prayer that you will live a life of integrity. You know what that means, that you will be the same people in your public, private and secret lives! (Borrowed from an episode of Blue Bloods).

I trust we have prepared you to work hard, work smart, major in the majors, and use your influence and gifts responsibly and honorably. Many of you will now leave home. If you are the first to go off to university, this is a tough time for Mom and Dad. A season of family life has now come to an end, and a new one is birthed. Make sure you call home often!

Mrs. Burns and I wish you all the best. As I intimated above, we don’t make friends for a school year, we make friends for life, and you can always track us down if you need us. You probably will never need to, but just in case, we will be waiting to encourage you and love you, no matter what!