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QSI Atyrau Seniors Looking Back

graduates 2021

When I was first told that we were moving to Atyrau and I was going to a tiny school called QSI, I was not very excited. However, in the two years that I have been here I have made some amazing friends, had some really interesting classes, and had the privilege of being taught by some very knowledgeable and caring teachers. One saying that fit nicely with my experience during the pandemic is that “You don’t know what you have until it's gone.” I really missed going to school during the pandemic lockdown. I was able to do a lot of my work fairly easily from home. However, I missed seeing and interacting with everyone in person. I am going to miss QSI when I go off to college and I hope it continues to be the community of learning and friendship that I will remember it to be.

By Tatjana Truckses Stephens

Thank you for all the knowledge and skills you have taught me throughout my educational journey. Even though I have only been at QSI Atyrau for one year you have welcomed me into the school and made me feel at home. So, thank you to all the students and staff for giving me a senior year that I will never forget. For the students and teachers who will continue to learn and teach at this wonderful facility, I, Everett Gunther, wish you all the best. Thank you and goodbye QSI Atyrau. You will be missed.

By Everett Gunther

The year 2021 will be a year to remember: COVID, flipping back and forth between online and face-to-face education, graduation, and going to university. Personally, I think this year is good enough. I had a lot of AP exams that I wanted to do well on. After taking some practice exams, I was stressing much more than before. However, after conversations with Mrs. Hinman, my QVS psychology teacher (who became a friend), she helped me cope with my nervousness and stay calm during the exams.  I also learned some “secret techniques” that actually work.  The one quote that I got from her, and which is now stuck in my long-term memory, "You can miss a lot of questions and still do good.” This helped boost my confidence. 

By Amirkhan Orazgaliyev

Having my four years of high school split between two different schools has been a hard but wonderful experience. Graduating from QSI Atyrau during a pandemic has taught me to enjoy the little things. We are such a small community and hence I can reach out to my teachers for anything at any time, academic or non-academic. Online classes were supposed to make everyone distant, but it resulted in my peer group getting closer than ever. Moving on to university, I am going to take with me some very important values that I have learned at QSI. Ironically, the worst year that I have experienced in my life is the year I learned a lot, most importantly to be grateful and consistent. Taking tiny turtle steps will always be better than having bursts of energy. I learned to remember the good because there is lots of it and to hold on to it even through adversity. I learned that it is okay to make mistakes and to be kind to myself when I inevitably make those mistakes. I learned that being alone is fine, in fact, it is a part of growing because it made me understand myself better and realize my own potential. One quote that has stuck with me throughout high school is "Never worry about the failures, you only have to be right once." Graduating as the class of 2021, I am proud of myself. I made it and I made it good :).

By Mihika Singhal