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QSI Bishkek - Marat Dosmir

graduate 2021

As a younger kid, I used to romanticize graduating a lot. I remember my parents telling me to savor my childhood because adult life is full of responsibilities. With that being said, I’ve realized that with each year that I get older, I find a deeper appreciation for QSI Bishkek. And while I’m not nostalgic, it is simply because QSIB has provided me with enough knowledge and tools that have practically set me up for a “bright” future. 

Over the last 12 years, I have seen many friends leave, including teachers, which often feel like a part of your own family has left. I still think of my friend Zach who only spoke in Family Guy references. I am thankful that I got to know these people since it is through the influence of the international environment that we’re in that we can understand each other’s differences and form deeper bonds.

QSI offers an environment that encourages risks, which is the catalyst for growth. Since failure is just one of the first steps towards personal development, teachers are always supportive and encourage us to persevere with challenges.

To give some advice to younger students, do things outside of your comfort zone - something that will benefit your life and you want to do but are too scared or embarrassed to think of attempting. True failure is not trying, simply because you doubt yourself, which is a waste of time, effort, and ideas, considering that some people will doubt you your entire life.