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QSI Dushanbe - Heloise Paule Ducler

Honors Graduate, QSI International School of Dushanbe

graduate student

Heloise, one of six graduating Secondary IV students at QSID, has been a student of the school since August of 2014.  She is a model student, with a 4.0 GPA this year, achieved while taking 5th year Russian and two AP classes.  But Heloise is much more than an exceptional student: she is a well-rounded individual, and a true global citizen.  A citizen of France, Heloise has lived in seven different countries (Nigeria, Egypt, Morocco, Gambia, France, and Pakistan) in addition to Tajikistan.  She and her family were instrumental in initiating the school’s environmental program, and helping us in our efforts to become an Eco-School.  She served a summer internship at the French Embassy, which solidified her interest in a career in Politics and International Relations.  

This year, Heloise modeled in a cultural Haute Couture fashion show for the biggest designer in Tajikistan -- Khurshed Sattorov.  In her own words, “Although I have been in Tajikistan for six years, this experience truly enriched my understanding of local culture.  Being able to see and wear ethnic designs and clothing immersed me in the soul of Tajikistan. The fine embroidery and silky materials told a beautiful story about culture and tradition. This experience was eye opening. It was not just about intricate craftsmanship, but also understanding the tale behind each piece of attire.”  Finally, Heloise is a dancer.  For the past two years, in addition to carrying a full academic course load, she has been a paid ballerina in the corps de ballet, performing two or three times a month at the National Theatre of Opera and Ballet of Dushanbe.  

Heloise will continue the next chapter of her life at the Charles University in Prague, in the Czech Republic.