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Digital Learning Improvements & COVID

By David Becker

QSI EdTech Coordinator 

As the school year ends, we can look back with encouragement for the bright future of teaching and learning within the QSI school community. This school year has been full of challenges, excitement, and most of all change. Sometimes we had time to adjust to the change, many times we had to adapt on the fly with little to no time to prepare. At some time or another, we had the challenge of teaching students remotely, with little to no preparation on how to accomplish this goal. When we finally were able to teach students in person, we had to learn how to navigate the ever-changing rules and regulations put on us by outside forces.

One thing that we have learned from this year is we are QSI strong. Let’s celebrate the resilience that everyone in QSI has shown this school year.

When it comes to digital learning, we should celebrate that 100% of our teachers have improved their skills this year around digital learning. This is not saying we have all mastered the use of technology in the classroom, but everyone has made improvements over past school years. Every teacher at one time or another had to use technology within their classrooms, some for the very first time. Teachers found ways to engage students through virtual teaching. They then continued this excitement for learning when able to see their students face-to-face. This is a wonderful accomplishment!

Many times throughout the school year teachers became the students, learning new ways of delivering content, collecting student mastery of the content, and communicating with students and parents. This next school year teachers will have even more opportunities to learn ways to incorporate technology within their classrooms. The Education Technology division of QSI Technology will be hosting bi-monthly lunch and learn webinars focused on technology use in the classroom. Teachers can also join The Digital Learning Academy. This program is a dedicated, year-long professional learning opportunity aimed at improving the purposeful integration of technology into classrooms. As our students grow and learn each year, so do our teachers, improving their practice to meet the needs of an ever-changing education landscape.

I don’t know about you, but I am excited to see what happens next within our QSI school community.