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QSI Quintile Newsletter 2023/12

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December 2023


QSI HQ Corner 

Learning Support at QSI

Learning Support at QSI 

The Learning Support Coordinator team’s mission is to provide resources and supports to all QSI schools.  Some of the ways in which we do this is with our podcast, our newsletters, professional development, and our toolbox in Teams. 

We are very proud of our podcast, the InclusivEd Podcast, that is now hosted on Spotify. This is a podcast where we bring in experts in the field to interview and give educators and parents information and resources. We have a wide variety of guests who specialize in growth mindset, psychological assessments, behavior, and reading. Check out the podcast here. 

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Who's Who at HQ - Maura Martin

Who's Who at HQ - Maura Martin

What are your current roles and responsibilities? 

I am the Director of Curriculum and Resource.  I work with my cozy team to support schools with their resource and curricular needs.  I coordinate curriculum development teams and resource acquisition for all schools.  Other responsibilities I hold include oversight of MAP Assessment and MAP School Leads, support teachers with curriculum implementation, work with QSI administrative teams to help solve challenges they face with the instructional program, etc.  Generally, my department aims to support all schools with their instructional questions and needs. 

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Photo Update

QSI Astana Soccer Champs

NHS Induction Ceremony at QSI Bishkek

Bonding Time at QSI Dili

ASA Fun at QSI Sarajevo

Track Team at QSI Belize

Picture Day at QSI Minsk




Scoring Goals and Making Memories! ⚽

QSI Sarajevo hosted a successful CEESA HS Football Tournament, bringing together players from six schools - including Tirana International School and QSI Tbilisi - for a weekend of fierce competition and camaraderie. Great teamwork and sportsmanship were on full display. Huge thanks to all the teams, coaches, parents, the QSIS Student Council, student volunteers and staff who made this event possible!