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Welcome Back!

By Karen Hall
QSI Vice President 

There’s nothing more exciting than welcoming teachers back to school and watching them set up their classrooms in preparation for their students and the new year.  However, before the hustle and bustle of school life begins, now is a good time to reflect on “why you do what you do."  Ask yourself, “What am I doing that is making a difference for the future?”  

Do you see yourself as someone who can impact our world, or are you just coming back to work and hoping that this year is not so difficult?  Do you realize how valuable you are?

I want you to know that there is no greater profession than education.  There’s nothing more important than providing a positive, safe, as well as challenging learning environment for the young minds that will be our future leaders.  You hold the keys to shaping how the next generation of decision makers will view the world and influence others.  You are the catalyst to creating an environment in your school that not only fosters confidence, self-worth, and a “love for learning” in the lives of your students, but also, empowers teachers to be caring, innovative, and collaborative with colleagues and parents.  You are the one who parents are trusting with their child’s education and future.

So, ask yourself, “What makes my school so special?”  “How can we improve?”  Take ownership, because as Director or Director of Instruction, THIS IS YOUR SCHOOL.  It reflects (or will reflect) who you are as an individual.   Your leadership style and abilities set the tone on your school’s campus and bring the energy needed to move forward.  There’s nothing better than enjoying a positive learning environment where laughter is heard, cooperation abounds, and students enter their classrooms eager to learn and build confidence in their ability to be successful.   

Welcome back to another year of impacting the lives of students who are entrusted to your care. Quality Schools International is proud to have you as part of the leadership team and is here to support you. Your QSI Regional Supervisor is a leader with administrative experience, expertise in QSI policy and practices, as well as having innovative leadership skills.  

Most of all, QSI Headquarters wants “Success For All” and that includes you!