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By David Becker
EdTech Coordinator

Upcoming Education Technology Professional Learning Opportunities

Education Technology is proud to present many professional learning opportunities for the 2021-2022 school year. Each opportunity is designed to enhance the use of technology as a teaching and learning tool within the classroom.

1st Annual QSI Digital Learning Academy

How many professional athletes do NOT have a coach? Just as an athletic coach works alongside an athlete to achieve their fitness goals, an instructional coach is there to work alongside teachers to provide resources and skills to help improve their performance in the classroom. The Digital Learning Academy (DLA) is a dedicated, year-long professional learning program aimed at improving the purposeful integration of technology into classrooms. The program is designed with 21st Century Learning Design elements and for all levels of technology understanding. During the program, teachers will learn ways to engage, enhance, and extend student learning with the use of technology. During DLA we will focus on student learning outcomes, not on specific technology tools. 

DLA Goals:

  1. To develop reflective, technologically self-sufficient teachers
  2. To enhance and improve teaching and learning by purposefully integrating technology into learning activities
  3. To facilitate a non-evaluative, collaborative partnership with teachers to improve teaching and learning

Application into the Digital Learning Academy will be open until August 25. If you have teachers that may be interested or new incoming teachers that may have not seen this information, please forward them the link for more information: Digital Learning Academy 

Lunch and Learn Ed Tech Webinar’s

The Education Technology division will be hosting bi-monthly webinars. These webinars will allow the QSI community to connect and share in real-time with educators from around the world. Each webinar will be 30 minutes in length, covering a wide range of Education Technology topics. Each session will be recorded and added to an online library for those that cannot attend live.
For more information, please visit: Webinars 

Campus Professional Development

If interested in having sessions led by me during your school’s professional development, please let me know. It was great connecting with so many schools last year and look forward to continuing the learning this year with many more schools.    
If you have any questions or would like further information, please email or chat on Teams: 

The Education Technology division is here to support you. You can find support and resources by visiting QSI Education Technology  or by joining the EdTech Resources and Support Microsoft Team. You can also send in a support request by visiting Ed Tech Support Request