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Research Review Panel

By Eben Plese
Regional Supervisor - Northern Europe and the Caucasus

As we start the new year, it is likely that more of our staff in QSI are enrolling in Masters or Doctoral programs that will require some kind of research. As such, we are reminding you all that for those who may be interested in doing a study using data from Quality Schools International, it is expected that you are asking permission to conduct this research. Keep in mind that the purpose of this is not to discourage you from doing research, but to ensure that this research is being done in an ethical manner and that it will be protecting the best interests of the organization. 

The process for applying for this approval is similar, though far less rigorous, than what you may find in a university Institutional Review Board (IRB). Our “Research Review Panel” is a group of headquarters staff who will review your applications. Generally, we are looking to see that your intended research: 

  • Is conducted in an ethical manner
  • Protects the identity of all participants
  • Does not reflect poorly on QSI
  • Ensures that the time commitment on participants is reasonable and will not detract from their work


  1. Fill out the Research Review Form. Ensure all appropriate documentation (especially participant consent forms) are attached
  2. Turn in the Research Review Form to one of the members of the Research Review Panel (see below for the list), or to your school director or regional supervisor to submit for you. 
  3. The panel will review your research and respond with any questions about your research. There are three possible responses that you will receive: 
  • Approved: You may conduct your research with no additional documentation required
  • Approved with conditions: We may ask that you provide with further documentation (such as your university IRB approval) or that you have certain limitations on who you choose for participants
  • Declined: Generally, if your research is declined, you will be given the opportunity to provide further documentation in order to receive approval. It would be rare for us to reject any research that has been approved by a University IRB. 

Current Members of the Research Review Panel:
Jerry Scott
Scott Root
Debbie Downes
Kim Black
Scott Carpenter
Eben Plese
Chris Hilgeman

For Approved Research: 
When research is approved to be conducted in a QSI school or schools, the person conducting this research should provide you with the approval letter from the panel. If he/she does not, then you should request to see it, and if it turns out this research is not approved, then you should point this person toward the research review panel. It is important that you do not allow research to be conducted in your schools if this research has not been approved. 

We also will make note of any person who has been approved for research here in the administrative newsletter; we will not provide all names of approved research, but simply those who have been approved since the last newsletter. 

As such, congratulations to the following staff members who have been approved by the research review panel: 
Hafida Becker

At any point, if you have questions about the research review process, don’t hesitate to reach out to anyone on the panel.