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Information and Communication

By Aaron Harnden
Director of Information and Communication


Virtual Meeting for New Teachers to QSI 

We are getting excited at headquarters about the upcoming introductory virtual meetings with the new staff for QSI.  As you are well aware, there are three separate meeting times to accommodate time zones.  An email has been sent to you with the specific headquarter staff who will introduce themselves, as well as a broad overview of the QSI Way – history, philosophy, beliefs, and boundary conditions.  Time will be given for new staff to meet each other and get a better grasp on the global reach that QSI has.  We encourage Directors and/or Directors of Instruction and Academic Coordinators to connect online with your staff.  Here are the dates and times for each school.   
*Note: not all schools will be present as they do not have new hires.  However, the invitation will still be sent to the Directors both for your knowledge and if you do decide to join, and of course, you are most welcome to attend.

Group 1 – All schools that have their new teacher orientation beginning on Wednesday, August 11th.  (ETM, DNG, SZN, PKT, AZB, DJB, MCN).    
Date and Time: Wednesday, August 11th at 8 am Central European Summer Time.   
Group 2 – China, Asia, Central Asia, Caucuses (CDU, SYG, ZHU, HPH, AST, ATR, KAZ, KRG, TKM, TJK, ARM, GRG)    
Date and Time: Wednesday, August 18th at 8 am Central European Summer Time.    
Group 3 – Balkans, Europe, Africa and Americas (ALB, BZH, KSV, MTG, BRD, PPA, MLT, MST, BLR, UKR, MDV, SVK, BNN, SRM, TGR, BZE)    

Date and Time: Wednesday, August 18th at 2 pm Central European Summer Time.    

Virtual Training for New Counselors 

The new counselor training will take place on Monday, August 16th and Tuesday, August 17th from 8 am to 9:30 am Central European Summer Time.  Invitations have been sent to the new counselors and presenters.  We are looking forward to welcoming our new counselors and are very appreciative of our team and staff who are aiding in the training.