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By Maura Martin
Director of Curriculum


This summer, the sun did not set on the Curriculum Writing teams as we spanned the globe from the USA in California to East Timor.   

New Curriculum to be Published in August (Implemented Fall 2021) 

The following courses were revised this summer and are being finalized for publication in August for use during the 2021-2022 academic year and onward: 

  • Technology I (Secondary) 
  • Elementary Music (5 to 10 yo- E01 and some Selective units have been reworked) 

These AP courses have been realigned to meet AP requirements: 

  • AP Music Theory 
  • AP Environmental Science 
  • AP Human Geography 
  • AP US History 
  • AP Comparative Politics and Government 
  • AP Chinese Language and Culture 
  • AP Spanish Language and Culture 
  • AP French Language and Culture 
  • AP German Language and Culture 

AP Economics Change (Implementation Fall 2022) 

For 2022-2023, the AP Economics course will be split into the two courses ,AP Macroeconomics and AP Microeconomics, as recommended by AP. Both of these courses will no longer be combined as of the 2022-2023 school year.  Schools can plan for this and have students choose to take one or both.  Each of these courses will become a full year 10 unit course.  Each course will have 6 AP Essential Units, 2 Essential QSI units, and teachers will choose 2 Selective Units.  The QSI Student Investment unit will be a required unit for each of these courses.  Either one of these AP courses can be substituted for QSI Economics. 


  • Allows for universities to see the correct AP course on the transcript 
  • Allows for students and teachers to have time to practice the individual economic skills required for each focus area 
  • Our AP Course Audits will be accurate 


Cultural Studies Development (Implementation Fall 2022) 

This summer, 14 teachers across QSI met virtually to write Cultural Studies curriculum that will be released in the Spring of 2022 for teachers to look at.  Implementation will start in Fall 2022.  It would be HIGHLY advantageous to begin thinking about the shifts we are making in the Cultural Studies program.  We have aligned our program to the College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework for Social Studies State Standards.  The writers will finish this summer with their courses in time to pilot (test run) 1 or 2 units in their classrooms in the aFll 2021 so that we can prepare teacher training for Spring 2022 and do final tweaks on the program.  If your school has a cultural studies writer in your school (I will send out an email), get them to talk to the staff. 

Here are some PD suggestions for your school to prepare: 

  1. Read the C3 Framework with teachers in a staff meeting 
  2. Set up a PLC about teaching inquiry in the cultural studies classroom 
  3. Allow for PD time to be scheduled in the Fall for an introduction to the C3 framework (more details to follow) 
  4. Elementary (5-10 yo) is using a program called Inquiry Journeys by InquirEd.  They produce a large variety of training videos to help introduce this to teachers.  These videos can be used for all levels. 
  5. Ensure teachers in the Spring of 2022 will participate in all training materials that will be launched in Spring of 2022 

We will send more information and links to support resources in the Fall. 


English Program Development (Implementation Fall 2023) 

Six teachers representing elementary, middle school and secondary continued to meet this summer to discuss and plan for our upcoming English program revision in Summer 2022.  This group has met several times to help plan and guide the English revision as this is a major project.  In response to current research about how the brain develops in regard to reading, we have asked several QSI schools to pilot a foundational literacy skills program called Really Great Reading (RGR).  This is a supplement to our current program and will hopefully become part of our new full program in the Fall of 2023.  These lessons are designed to be short (15 minutes) that can be embedded in any part of the school day and are focused on helping students develop the core skills they need to learn to read. 

Here are some PD suggestions for your elementary teachers: 

  1. Read Teaching Reading IS Rocket Science by Louisa C. Moats 
  2. Attend free webinars on the Science of Reading from RGR 

Applications for English Curriculum Writing will go out to all teachers in QSI in September 2021.  Teacher and Student Curriculum surveys will also go out in October 2021. 


Success Orientation/Social Emotional Learning/Child Protection Program Development (Implementation Fall 2023) 

This summer, 18 teachers and counselors across QSI met virtually to plan, organize, and begin creation of the new SO/SEL/CP program that will be launched in Fall 2023.  We spent time this summer organizing content topics to begin creating lessons for each age level.  The creation of the topics will be organized in a framework and will be released to have a preview of topics covered.  The framework is then further broken down by age levels.  The name for this program in the future will be:  Empower:  Skills for Safety, Success, and Global Citizenship. 

Please remember we will continue utilizing the Keeping Safe Child Protection Curriculum for the next two school years.  Please click here for the timeline of development.    


Child Protection Teacher Training 

Keeping Safe Child Protection Curriculum Training will be for all new-to-QSI teachers and counselors on the following dates in August. This is only for schools without a trained KSCPC trainer.  The training will consist of two 3-hour trainings.  The training pair dates are:  

  • 12 and 13 August 
  • 19 and 20 August 

Once we determine the span of time zone needs for new teachers, we will inform you of the times.  But please, as you are scheduling your new teacher training block off two 3-hour blocks (one on each day that you hold your new teacher training).  Here is the link if you have not already registered your teachers.   


New Administrators Training 

New Administrators will be expected to attend a workshop in August (TBA) about new student placement and graduation tracking. This will be the same training that normally happens in June for new administrators.  It is more time relevant in August before the school year begins.  We will reach out to you about these trainings.  This will be 1.5 hours long.   


MAP Training and Windows 

Please find the MAP Growth Assessment Windows here

Please allocate time in your PD schedule for MAP training.  The MAP Facilitators assigned to your schools will be available to deliver MAP training virtually.  More details to follow.