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50th Anniversary

It is with great pride that we embark on the 50/30 Anniversary year for QSI – 50 years since the foundation of Sanaa International School in Yemen and 30 years since the foundation of Quality Schools International and the opening of the first QSI school in Tirana, Albania. 

QSI would not be here today if it weren’t for all the wonderful people that make up the QSI Family – all the teachers, students, administrators, staff, and the amazing communities. To celebrate this milestone, we had asked you to share your QSI stories, anecdotes, testimonials, photos, videos – your memories and feelings about QSI, which the QSI Marketing department has used to put together the below anniversary memory book, congratulations vides of QSI schools, as well as a timeline of QSI schools. 

Please continue to share your memories so that we can continue to grow our QSI memory book. Please send your documents, pictures, and videos to Please make sure your files are properly named (your name, the year the photo was taken, what is happening in the photo, etc.).

Share your memories and celebrate 50 Years of Success for All with QSI! 

Here are but a few shared memories. 

Mr. Root and Mr. Gilson - founders of QSI!
Mr. and Mrs. Root
It's time to celebrate!
Success For All!
Mr. Jerry Scott welcoming the guests
We Love QSI!
Happy Birthday QSI!
Anniversary Cake
Happy Birthday QSI!
Anniversary Mugs
Mr. Jim Gilson and QSI Malta Staff
Cutting the Cake



Margarita and Mike, Kyiv
Donna with her students
Director Stories, JC Sanders
Ms. Meredith and her kiddos

I am so happy that a history and memories of QSI is being prepared. Such a great organization and an awesome experience for Debby and me. Bob Tower

Merry Wade, 2021

On behalf of Kata Group, I am sending you our best wishes and congratulations to you and everyone at QSI on your 50/30 Anniversary!!  Glenn Ferrer 

Admin Conference 2017

My family and I chose QSI because we believe in the educational philosophy and 3 guiding beliefs of QSI. 1) Every student can learn 2) Success breeds Success and 3) It is the school's responsibility to create opportunities for success! As educators, we believe that and as parents we appreciate that for our kids!Hafida Becker

Mark Boyd, Duane Root, Alan Boyd, Jim Gilson
SIS students 1972-73
October 2016, Admin Conference
QSI Bishkek, 2017
July 2015

I never imagined I would work for QSI so long, but I am happy it worked out this way. I have seen things, done things, and met people that I never would have in the USA. I have grown as a teacher and a person because of my time with QSI. They have always been good to me, and I have always tried to do the same for them. Plus I met my wife here at QSI Chisinau, so I got that going for me, which is nice 😊 Heath Melrose

Regional PD in China
Donn Maier, Admin Conference 2017
Katie Holmquist, KIS
The ballet troupe
Mike Kempenich, QSI Brindisi
AIS staff in front of the old building

My time at QSI is connected to incredible memories, and has given rise to long-lasting, wonderful friendships and connections, which I cherish to this day. The first years were especially special, when the QSI building was in a local park, which allowed us to interact closely with nature. There were only 13 students and we were all like a close-knit family. I continue to maintain close contact and connections with my friends who I had the pleasure to get to know through QSI.Nino Lortkipanidze

Service Pin Awards, 2016
QSI Belize
Fall Festival Parade, QSI Chengdu

I loved QSI as a single gal and I love it even more now with a family. Ever since I taught in Yerevan and Slovakia I knew that one day if I had a child, I would want them educated by QSI. The family, the education, the togetherness that one feels with QSI is difficult to find in the rest of the world, especially back home in Texas.Meredith Beasley-Hutson

BIS, 2020
Admin Conference, Malta
Admin Conference, Ljubljana
AIS construction in process
Astana winter
Admin Service Year Awards
New Admin Conference, Seattle
QSI Friends

My husband Matt and I started our QSI journey 8 years ago at Kyiv International School. We loved KIS for the 5 years we were there and we cherish the memories and friends that we made. Next, we were blessed to get to work at QSI Dili for a year where we enjoyed the tight-knit community (and beaches!) As we start our second year at Baku International School, we feel incredibly lucky to be a part of the QSI family. We look forward to many more years with QSI. Happy Anniversary QSI!Katherine Holmquist

BIS, 2020
Folk Dance, QSI Chisinau
SIS staff, mid 80s
QSI Anniversary cake at AIS
Becker Family, QSI Chengdu

QSI has been so key to my revitalizing my joy in teaching and I want to thank all Who started me on this journey in 2008. Michael Tewalthomas introduced me to QSI in 2008 after I retired from 30 years of public service in Minnesota as an educational specialist and classroom teacher. At that time i was unsure if these schools started by Jim Gilson and Duane Root were right for me. But now, looking back, I have to say God bless QSI as its core for success for all has kept me alive and well into an old age that seems never ending.Mike Kempenich

July 2017, QSI Summer Admin PD

My daughter who studied at SIS from the age of 5 to 16, moved to the USA to complete last two years of high school in Pennsylvania at Mercyhurst Preparatory School. Her academic level allowed her to complete the entire high school  program within a year and she started taking university courses when she was in her last year of school. She was offered a scholarship at Mercyhurst University and was very successful in her program there. It says a lot about the quality of education she received at SIS as it was the only school she ever attended before moving to the USA.
Elena Mozhaeva