Lunch Program

QSI Shenzhen provides its students a voluntary hot lunch program at additional cost.  Our food services vendor is a local restaurant that is legally owned and operated in Shenzhen just minutes from the school.  Only top quality ingredients are used and trained chefs are directly involved in the creation of our menus and preparation of the food.  The restaurant is properly licensed to cater to the school.

Each day students in the pre-K through Secondary IV are given a substantial and nutritious lunch served hot on the spot and the students have choices for several of the items on the menu.  Students are served buffet style with a minimum of two entree choices daily, salad and/or cooked vegetables, soup, drink, and dessert.  The buffet always features Asian and Western food choices. Boxed lunches in Western and Korean style are also available daily.

Students are also welcome to bring home lunches. Younger students bring a daily snack from home.

Campus Cafes

Campus cafes can be found at the Main, Secondary, and Nanshan campuses. Parents can have a coffee while they wait for their children, and students can find snacks and drinks to buy before and after school. The cafes are run by the same vendor as the lunch program.