Lunch at the PLE Campus

The lunch program is provided by Nom Nom Catering, offering students a daily buffet of Western and Asian choices. Students can also opt for the Korean boxed lunch as part of the lunch program, or bring a lunch from home. Students ages 3 & 4 are served at their lunch table with one serving of each item from the buffet, students ages 5 & 6 collect their own lunch tray that is also filled with one serving of each buffet item, and students ages 7 & 8 are able to choose their own selections from the buffet. Hot soup is provided each day as part of the buffet, and a small serving of fruit is served for the morning snack to those who subscribe to the lunch program. All students are required to wash their hands before entering the cafeteria, and students are taught to clean up their lunch space at the end of the meal. Parents are an active part of refining the lunch menu and service to meet the students' age-based needs.